Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ah, sweet air conditioning

There was central air with the mobile home when we bought it; a two-year-old unit, actually.  A/C was one of the reasons I wanted a different place to live.

The deal with the mobile home mover was, he'd move the trailer, and once it was on-site, he'd charge up the A/C for us; this is standard procedure for mobile home movers.

Cliff, being a trusting sort, had me pay him before the electricity was in.  In other words, I paid him before he had done the A/C part of his deal.

Guess what?  He's disappeared off the face of the earth.  He doesn't answer his home phone OR cell phone.

Now this would be quite distressing, except for this one point:  When I first contacted the guy and asked what it would cost to move our mobile home, he said $3,800 to $4,800.  So I budgeted $5,000 for that purpose, just in case.

My regular readers will remember all the rain delays we had; suffice it to say, considerable time passed before the home was delivered.

So when it was time to settle up (which we shouldn't have done till the A/C was in, but wait....) I got the checkbook and said, "What do I owe you?"

He sort of scratched his head and said, "Oh, let me see... did I quote you a price?"

"Yes," I said, "but you gave me a low price and a high one."

"I don't remember what I told you."

Cliff said he just knew I was going to blow it and tell him what price he quoted, but I am not that stupid.

"Well," I said, "You know what you're worth."

There was more hemming and hawing, but finally he came up with the grand sum of $2,400.  Yeah, half what I budgeted.

So it's OK.  I'm glad to see our local heating and cooling guy get some of the money, and it'll still come out cheaper than the amount I had budgeted.

I was surprised to see Rick show up with his helper today; I didn't know he worked on Saturday.

The A/C unit is right outside my computer room window.

One more story:  It was really getting hot by the time they got the A/C running this afternoon.  When that cool air started blowing through the registers, I shut the windows and did a happy dance. No more sweltering!

Three hours later, it was time to turn Blue out to graze; I almost looked forward to going out in the sweltering heat, just so I could truly appreciate my new A/C.  So imagine my surprise when I stepped out into a cold front that had slipped in at some time or other.  It was actually cooler outside than it was in the house!

I hate when that happens.


msecz said...

well good things happen when we keep our mouths shut I guess//// that happens to us about the air inside and outside too but you will get used to figuring it out.... you usually go out a lot during the day so you will have plenty of days to be happy about your inside air

madcobug said...

Glad that you got that air going. That was one time it paid to keep quite. He should have wrote down the price he quoted. LOL on it being cooler outside than inside. Helen

sugarsweet056 said...

Yep it is quite cool today.
Glad you have a/c now, a hot couple of mos headed our way soon.
Have a blessed Sunday.

fierrorachel said...

I am so happy that, for the first time in who knows how long, we made it through May without turning on the A/C.  I always WANT to make it, but never quite manage to get it done.  Today, we needed it, but I'm stubborn, so we didn't turn it on.  Now, it's pleasant in here.  Tomorrow?  Well, we'll see.


domsmom27 said...

So happy for you that it has all come together.  You must feel like a kid in a candy store.  it has not been hot enough here for air conditioning.  Actually it has been cool AND cold.  I hate A/C.  We used to sleep with the windows open and leave the house open when we went out. BUT, you just can't do that anymore.  There are too many break-ins....and even when people are asleep.  So we close up the windows at night except the bedroom.  Hopefully they will make enough noise to wake us up.  I guess we will have to turn it on soon, at least for the little doggie.                                Marlene

amy122389 said...

You got a cool front!?!  No fair!  My A/C has been running 24/7 for months already!!


siennastarr said...

Those mobiles get HOT in the summer!  Big time!  It doesn't take much either!  They don't have the insulation that houses have.  I know, because I live in one, too!  In fact, my AC is out right now, and I'm waiting for the guy to get here to let me know what's wrong with it! :(  Not looking forward to THAT!  It is so hot in here right now.  Temps only reached 82 today, but in here.. it's 95!  I hate it!

Glad you got yours up and running!


nanlynska said...

So glad you are getting things settled and your 'nest' made for the summer. You will love the AC....maybe not the power bill....but the AC you will love....LOL.

We have a programmable thermostat so we set that puppy on 80 degrees and leave it there no matter what....even if it gets to 110...and it does sometimes here. But any cooler temp setting and we pay through the nose on the power bill.

We do use ceiling fans and portable fans in the bedroom and family room etc. Those help keep the air moving when it gets real hot in July and August here in the valley.

lisa41076 said...

Glad you got your AC, Hugs Lisa

billsbabyggd said...

Glad you got a good discount!!  Isn't it crazy the guy couldn't remember what he quoted you??

I am new to these blogs.  Hope its okay I commented here.  I loved seeing "my country life" cause I live in the country too and also in a double wide.  We have 133 acres with 3 horses, 3 dogs, 1 cat and a donkey.  But we love it here.  Its nice and peaceful except when the grandkids are here and then its heavenly!!

Hope the unpacking goes well.

magran42 said...

LOL....I'm sure you will have many occasions to step out into "HOT" air.  I love the way the Moving Man story came out. said... know what you're funny....I will chuckle over this for a spell.....prayers for cliff..........maybe a guitar song to go with your a/c dance!

mutualaide said...

Me too. Same thing happened to me yesterday.  But no humidity in the house and I was working like a mad woman!

Hmm ... always get it in writing or on paper, 'they say'.  But gee, this worked out much better for you!

bookncoffee said...

glad you got the a/c..........wooo hoooo.  Way to go on saving some money...

robinngabster said...

Enjoy!!!!   Now you will be covering up with a blanet when inside during the summer months.  :)

breakaway1968 said...

LOL that happens here all the time!  Sometimes I wonder why I turned on the air to begin with!  But it sure is nice on those 90 degree days!  I'm not a heat person...I would prefer it stay 65 ALL summer!  

suzypwr said...

It has all worked out well, assuming you found Cliff's shoes!