Thursday, May 29, 2008

finding and losing stuff

I've spent the past week moving.  Just when I think I have everything out of the old house, I open a cabinet door or a drawer and find something I've missed.  And each "find" seems more like a bunch of junk than the one before.  I've thrown lots of stuff away.  Some of it is usable, good stuff; but I don't want to deal with taking it to the proper place to dispose of it, so in the trash it goes.

I've misplaced a few things and then found them.  There are a couple of items (a German beer stein stuffed full of pocket knives, two cell phone chargers) that I absolutely cannot locate, although I know I moved them. 

Tuesday we received our Economic Stimulus Payment.  I laid it right on the kitchen table for Cliff to see, and mentioned it to him yesterday morning when he got up.

This morning when he got home from work at 1 A.M., I couldn't go back to sleep, what with one petty worry and another demanding attention in my overloaded brain.  Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning, this thought occurred:  "What did I do with that government check?"

I told myself not to be concerned, that I'd locate it after I got up in the morning.

Somewhere around five, with very little sleep under my belt since 1 A.M., I made my coffee and commenced my search.  I looked in all the places I would have normally put it:  The checkbook, my billfold, the bill holder. 

I sneaked into the bedroom and checked Cliff's billfold in case he'd picked it up and put it away.  No dice.

So my next move, unpleasant as it was in the pre-dawn hours, was to go through the contents of my trash can, piece by piece.  Twice.  No check.

Almost in tears, I recalled Cliff saying he was taking some things to the car that need to go in the safe deposit box at the local bank.  It was a long shot, but I thought to myself, "Perhaps he took the check to the car, too."

Sure enough.  There it was, in all its glory.

I would have just woke him up and asked him, but he has been overburdened lately and needs all the sleep he can get.

This sort of scenario is played out daily since we've moved, but so far nothing else has involved $1,200.  Whew.


marainey1 said...

I have been doing that...looking for things ever since I moved into my present home...which was 14 years ago.  I've given up on ever being organized again.  My children have all moved away so they are not to blame...I am currently the queen of lost and found department at my house.  So glad you found that check and hope you can sleep better tonight.  You need your rest too.  'On Ya' - ma

madcobug said...

Glad that you found that check. Helen

mutualaide said...

Oh Donna.  (shaking my head)  the more time goes by the more often 'we' all do that kind of thing.  I am still looking for my earrings that I put away in a safe place, er, about twelve years ago.  What do you think the chances of them turning up (ever) will be?  :)

amy122389 said...

In this family, I've learned that if I've lost it, I've lost it forever.  I'm still waiting for my favorite sweater to turn up - 8 years later.  Then again, maybe if I got ambitious and unpacked the last of the moving


siennastarr said...

So glad you found the check!!

As for stress.. yeah.. well... even though you guys are just moving a bit a way from your other house, it's still a big change.  


lanurseprn said...

I always get really forgetful if I'm under stress. I'm so glad you found the check. Just take thing slower, and enjoy your move. I know you're saying "ENJOY" your move?? You can, you know. Good luck!

magran42 said...

Your life is beginning to sound like my life.  Stressed....just stressed.  STOP!  Don't go there into stressed out land.  Now if I knew how you could do that I wouldn't be here in stressed out land either.  Prayers for you.

csandhollow said...

It is the stress. Been there this past couple weeks too. Go to the cabin

geocachelinda66 said...

Go online and see if there is a in your area.  You can list your junk and people who want it come and take it away!  Usually you can get rid of just about anything!  Linda

bookncoffee said...

I remember panicking like that about our laptop.  I got up in the middle of the night to look for it.  I finally found it.  

suzypwr said...

If you are like me, you can either put your fingers on anything in your home in 30 seconds, or else you have not a single clue about where it might be, lol!