Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm back online

Tired.  My mood is tired.  But we're mostly moved.    I'll report more tomorrow.  Thanks, Rachel, for uncrossing the wires I crossed so I have DSL.


madcobug said...

Good for you two. Just a few more days and then you can relax and enjoy your new home. Thanks Rachel for getting your Mom back online. Helen

mutualaide said...

Moving is tough be it next door or the next town.  Enjoy your new home.  Congrats!  Looking forward to reading more about it.

breakaway1968 said...

Can't wait to see those pictures!  

nanlynska said...

WHEW !! I was really beginning to get concerned ! With all the nasty weather going through your area, I wondered what was up.... and did it come down...LOL.

Glad to hear all is well. Bill had said this AM...."maybe you better call Cliff and
Donna and see if they are ok back there." I told him I was going to check your journal this morning and if you had not left an entry I would call and find out what's doin' with you two. But I see by your entry that you are I'll leave it at that.

Just know that your CA friends were thinkin' about ya. Take care, you two and don't over do it with the movin' stuff ! So glad you will soon be settled and enjoying your new 'digs'.

fowfies said...

Moving is hard work. I know you will be glad to get settled. See you soon. :) Kelly

suzypwr said...

I hope you are all settled in by now and everything is perfect!