Friday, May 2, 2008

My dog has bulimia

Yes friends, my dog Sadie binges and purges.  She is bulimic. 

She's perfectly house-broken and can go more than fourteen hours without going out to potty.  But she's a nervous eater.

If she thinks Cliff and I are getting ready to go for our walk, she eats... and eats and eats.  To the point that she'll upchuck.

Oh, it's easy to clean up; it doesn't stink.  In fact, the upchucked dog food is still pretty much dry.  And thank God, it doesn't happen often.

So when we're getting ready to go for our walk, you'll hear me yelling, "Sadie, quit eating!"

She'll get out of her bed and eat frantically when Cliff comes home from work at 1 A.M.  When the grandson was staying here, she'd binge when he came in.

Do you suppose she was starved at some point in her life?

Crazy dog.

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lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwww poor Sadie, Hugs Lisa

robinngabster said...

Poor thing.  My dog is such a picky eater.  Most the time she will stare into her food dish and look at her food over and over like she is waiting for it to change into a steak.  Then she walks away from it...she eventually gives up on it changing and will pick at it...taking out the colored ones she doesn't like and leaving them on the floor next to her dish and eating the ones she does like.

amy122389 said...

Gordo will do that, too.  I used to leave dry food out when we had just Paco, but when we got Gordo, he would binge and barf, so I had to make a scheduled feeding time for them.  Now, they all get breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  People think I spoil the pets, but at least I'm not stepping in/cleaning up vomit.....heh...


sugarsweet056 said...

Angel will do that, if you give it to her! Many dogs will. Just give her what she's supposed to have & no more. Angel eats 2 1/2 cups dry dog food per day (she's 52 lbs), Sweets is 22 lbs & eats 1 1/2 cups, & Monk is 14 lbs & eats 1 cup a day.
I try to never let my dogs go over 7 or 8 hrs before they go out to empty their bladders, not good for one to hold over 8 hrs. I usually take them out evry 6 hrs during the day...then they hold all night.  :)
Hugs to your furr from me & myine.

madcobug said...

I do believe being a shelter dog they more than likely have went hungry before that were put there. One of ours eats like that. I have to put her food bowl up to keep her from gorgeing. Only thing is when I put one of the dishs up I have to put the other one up also. Guess maybe Patches gets a little hungry but Daisy had got to be a round little ball and it's not good for her. Patches has a large lump in her neck and can't turn her head. Makes her walk unbalanced. I think what happened is Ken got a bird seed eating squirell yesterday evening and Patches grabbed it and kept slinging the daylights out of it. I believe she either jerked a creck in her neck or pulled a muscle. Poor thing can't focus on where she is walking and walks sidewise. She started this late yesterday evening. This has happened to her before and lasts 3 or 4 days. If she isisn't better when the weekend is over off to the vet she goes. We gave her a baby aspirin last night and it appered she rested good or was quite anyway. Have a good saturday. Helen

geocachelinda66 said...

Maybe she feels territorial about her food and wants to eat it before someone else does.  Does she have food left out all day?  Maybe try just feeding her small amounts at a time.  Daisy is like that.  I feed her twice a day and she gobbles it down like she is starving!  Linda

suzypwr said...

Sounds like she should have scheduled amounts at scheduled times.


breakaway1968 said...

My cat Aspen has been bulimic since we got him!  EVERY single time he eats he throws up!  EVERY single time...It's just a normal thing to us now.  We know we have to follow him around to clean.  And it's pretty much dry too.  He just over eats and throws up the stuff he doesn't need.  He's a BIG cat.   Sometimes our dogs beat us to the punch and they will clean it up ;) lol  

ryanagi said...

I had a bulimic cat too.  She and her brother were rescue cats and had a lot of emotional issues. I honestly do think she would over do it out of fear that the food would suddenly be unavailable.

helmswondermom said...

That is rather amazing, but I suppose it is entirely possible for dogs and other animals to have emotional disorders similar to humans.  Poor baby.  I think it's great that you love her enough to put up with it, because some people wouldn't!  I'm so glad Sadie found you guys.

fowfies said...

Tip has one of those food dispensers for her dry food. After she eats it, she will take her nose and try to cover it up, but of course there is nothing there but the Maybe try putting her dish in a more private area so she feels like her food is safe while she is gone. Worth a shot, might help. Kelly

csandhollow said...

Scampi did that. I now never have more than 1/4 cup at a time out for him