Sunday, May 18, 2008

busy, busy, busy

Cliff needed a couple more fittings in order to get water hooked up to our trailer, so we left around 7 this morning, did our Wal Mart run, (the store I've been protesting since before Christmas, but you do what you must) and then went next door to Home Depot to get what was needed there.

After we were back home and Cliff was finishing up with the water, I said, "How do you suppose our hay's doing?"

See, Cliff mowed our alfalfa hay two days ago, and I knew it should be ready to rake and bale.

"Oh, ****", he exclaimed.  "I forgot about it!"

(By the way, that "****" probably isn't as bad a word as you're imagining.)

So his next move was to go rake the hay.  And right now he's out there baling it with the big round baler, which isn't wanting to cooperate.

This was a big day for my heifer, Secret.  To read all about it, go HERE.


marainey1 said...

Busy time of it all around your house...the farm, the animals and getting your new home ready.  It seems that just yesterday Secret was a baby, now she'll be having one of here own! Time flys by way too fast.  'On Ya'- ma

madcobug said...

Now Secret will have a secret LOL. Guess not since you two already know about it. That is a really large bull. Wonder when Cliff would have thought of the hay if you had kept quite? Things are moving along right fast now. Helen

mutualaide said...

Well, this should be fun!  I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the stories of Secret along the way.  Regal looking dad.  :)

fowfies said...

A big day for Secret indeed!  I hope she is pregnant. :) Your doing great keeping up with your blogging and moving too. I know yall have to be so so busy. Kelly

randlprysock said...

I love that clay color and wow it's on a lot of lovely open space!!  Beautiful!!!!
LOL Walmart.  I know.... it's so hard not to shop there... the prices are so good.  But it can be very frustrating indeed.  I hate those circle racks they have at the checkout so you can't tell if you have all your groceries or not!

helmswondermom said...

Congratulations to Secret -- I think! lol

suzypwr said...

Poor Secret - cross species from behind with someone else's stuff - and you took pictures, too!