Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You folks have convinced me!

Forty people voted in my poll, and guess what?  You guys influenced me!  Not so much by the voting you did as by comments left in my journal:

"Take the shuttle. You can reserve it ahead of time. It's so easy. They'll tell you exactly where to catch it and take you right to your door.
Good luck."

"You should go and take the shuttle.  I live in the Dallas area.  And I know that the shuttle runs all of the time.  I'm not sure how expensive it is but my sister takes it all of the time so it can't be too expensive."

"I voted for option 3, but you don't have to ask anyone at the airport. Call the hotel in Dallas and they will tell you EXACTLY where to go to catch the shuttle."

"I think you should go and use the shuttle. I've done that before and it's so easy and nobody is inconvenienced. You can even reserve it ahead of time. Find out which shuttle service is in Dallas and go from there.
Good luck!

These comments have convinced me, as well as the one my daughter left:

"Good LORD, mother!  Think about it.  You can miss a flight and ENTIRELY screw up your travel plans, yet still come out smelling like a rose.  I'm pretty sure you can (go to the nearest courtesy phone and call for the above mentioned hotel) find a way to make the shuttle work for you.  LOL  Was that hint too obvious?"

So yes, I will fly into Dallas on my preferred day and take the shuttle, because you have all convinced me that it's no big deal!

Without all the advice, I'd either have cancelled plans for Dallas altogether, or gone a day earlier than I really wanted to.

Now about going on a road trip with Cliff:  If I had to make a choice between the road trip and Dallas, you can bet your sweet bippy I'd choose the trip.  However, this is a case where I can have my cake and eat it too.  We're planning several road trips this summer.

This is the last ever Internet reunion in Dallas, so I really don't want to miss it.  I'll never see most of them again face to face... perhaps none of them.

Oh, and thank you all very much for not voting for me to shoot myself. 


gen0507 said...

You're welcome.


riverdaughter196 said...

Have fun.  The weather is actually a bit on the chilly side today.  We're supposed to have sleet and ice on Friday.   Then the weather will warm up a bit more.
By next month we will be in the 80s.

randlprysock said...

Yes I did the hotel airport shuttle a few times and it's a snap!!  And usually some nice people on board to talk to if you want to make friends, or you can just pretend you are really busy looking out the window... or you can get out a little notebook and make secretive notes about how goofy the other shuttle travellers are and then come back here and delight us in your journal with tall tales about what you suspect of each one on the plane and in the shuttle.  LOL.  Hugs,

fierrorachel said...

Oh my gosh!  I can't believe that comment #3 says what it says.  I do that a LOT!  I can't update my journal online, but I can make notes for later, by golly.  My notes often look like this: "tall guy, camo, loser, whining, wants a beer."  It would mean NOTHING to anyone else, but it is enough to help me post later.

tgarilo said...

i love your journal read mine. "Click Here" is the name

lmitc89854 said...

Glad you are going. It's the things we don't do that cause regret.

mutualaide said...

LOL Donna!  I was going to vote for the trip with the shuttle, but I'd much rather ride a motorcycle ANY DAY than fly in an airplane.  Never used to feel that way so I'm not sure what changed. lol

Why would anyone vote for you to shoot yourself?  We might think about shooting ourselves (might, I said MIGHT), but never you!  lol

fmchan5921 said...

I voted late, but hope it counts, anyway.
You can't make an appointment for the shuttle to pick you up when you arrive in Dallas.  You can make appt. for your trip TO the airport.
It will cost you $31 dollars, which I think is a lot. lol
I know someone who will be so happy to pick you up, with very little effort, so if I were you, I would take that option.

suzypwr said...

Have a great trip!


helmswondermom said...

(As of just now when I checked, you had 47 votes, and still none for you to shoot yourself! lol)