Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We ate lunch with Congressman Ike Skelton!

Cliff and I headed out this morning in the car.  We needed to license the new trailer we bought to pull behind the motorcycle, and we like the license office at Richmond much better than the one in Lexington.  Cliff and I crossed the Missouri River by way of the Ike Skelton Bridge

As we drew near Lexington on our way home, Cliff says to me, "Do you need to stop in Lexington for anything?"

"Nope," I replied.

"Are you positive? (Then he glanced at his watch.)  "It's almost noon.  You don't need to stop at the Chinese place, or Pizza Hut?"

"Oh, I get it; you figure by putting that thought in my head I'll want to eat Chinese and you can blame me for our transgressions."

"Exactly," he said enthusiastically.

We filled our plates at the buffet (bad bad us) and as we sat down, Cliff said, "There's Ike Skelton!"

Indeed it was.  Congressman Skelton and another guy, perhaps an aide or driver, were in the mood for Chinese food too.

I'm thinking the guy was probably an aidd of some sort, since the congressman's arms are pretty much useless as a result of a childhood bout of polio.

I had my camera in my pocket, and never even thought to sneak a picture of Mr. Skelton at the buffet, telling the guy what to put on his plate.  I would have been subtle about it, honest!


mutualaide said...

Besides having a nice meal of Chinese you had the opportunity to see a celeb.  I'm sure you would have been very discreet.  lol

exptmircle said...

Just wondering which trailer you ended up buying?

breakaway1968 said...

Oh funny!  My hubby and I do that all the time!  lol  Anyway, I had a run in with a bull on my way home from the store and I WISHED i had my camera in the car too!!! I will share that story later today ;)  My hubby thought I was nuts!

gaboatman said...

I'm sure Congressman Skelton would have been appreciative that you kept your camera in your pocket, at least until lunch was over, LOL.  After lunch he would have made a beeline for any visiable lens.  At least that's the way most politicians seem to act.  It's fun to spot people one usually only reads about or sees on TV.

helmswondermom said...

First crossed his bridge, then had lunch with him!  Pretty cool!