Thursday, February 21, 2008

random blather

I've been asked why I never blog about the horses any more.  Or the calves.

Well folks, we're having the most bone-chilling winter in many years.  There just haven't been many days when I want to even venture out of the house.  Cliff does the daily feeding, bless his heart.

Most years, it takes a rainstorm to keep us from taking our daily walk.  This year it feels like we miss about every other day, on average.

Most years, we're able to sneak a motorcycle ride in at least a couple of times a month in winter.  Not this year.

I have to tell you, it's making me grumpy.  All it does to Cliff is cause him to lay in bed longer in the mornings, sipping his coffee, but it makes me a nag.

Me:  "I just got the Quiktrip bill AND the Conoco bill; do you know how much gasoline we charged last month?"

Cliff:  "Well, we seem to run the roads every day; maybe we should cut back on gasoline use by staying home more."

Me:  (Thinking how boring this long, cold winter will be if we have to stay house-bound)  "No, that's not the solution; it's OK, we have the money to pay the bills in full.  But it's our vacation money."  That last statement really isn't true, but I thought it sounded good.  So obviously the bad weather is making me a liar, too.

It goes on, but it only turns uglier.  And I wouldn't want you folks to think I'm anything less than Mary Poppins.

Oh, someone asked, referring to the jokes and videos I post here, "Where do you get all this stuff?"

Usually they are sent to me in my e-mail.  If it makes me smile, I figure it'll do the same for you.  I don't know about where you live, but we in Missouri need every smile we can get this winter.


marainey1 said...

At a bone chilling 6 degrees , we in Ohio need those laughs too !  It would be good to feel nice and warm again.  'On Ya'- ma

breakaway1968 said...

Ya I'm about sick of negative temps myself around here.  I like those little laughs once in a while  And I AM home bound cuz we just don't have the money for gas lol.  

starstarj said...

I always hesitate to complain about the wheather. We go from 70 one day to the the other exteme (today) it is 29. One thing about TN wait a day and it will change

csandhollow said...

Gas prices have shot up again...

madcobug said...

I enjoy watching those funny vidoes you share. I hope it warms up soon so you can get outside and do the things you love to do. Helen

cvgflydis said...

I LOVED your tactic! (So, yeah, it must ring true in my own ears.....) Sadly, we become liars in an instant, for whatever reason!

Years ago, when WE seemed to be broke, lots~I'd tell the husband we couldn't feed babies because of the ridiculous amounts of money we lost in ATM fees, since he never went to OUR bank. My tactic must have worked.  I don't think he's eaten a meal until supper, for years.

Thanks for the chuckle this morning!


lmitc89854 said...

Yes, we do!  I'm sick of winter!  I was going to drive down to Springfield today to help a friend but it would be stupid to try, I guess, with all this sleet today directly from here to Springfield! Bummer!

mutualaide said...

Oh, we all have those early morning or midnight conversations.  Sadly, the days of youth and lasse faire have passed!  LOL

I'm ready, no wait, more than ready, for winter to be finished.  It isn't the snow it's the damned cold.  Grrrr and Brrrr!

suzypwr said...

I haven't seen any stats, but I think this is one of the coldest and snowiest winters we have had in years, and since I live in MI, that is saying a lot! I halfway expect it to not warm up really until June. Cabin fever is not pretty - I have kind of hit the wall here myself. I keep telling myself that it has to end some day!


frankandmary said...

Spending a little money on the things you really appreciate now is much better than spending it later on therapy for the depression & cabin fever that sets in over a long cold winter. Lying? Un Mary Poppins like behavior?  Whose blog am I reading? ;-o ~Mary

lanurseprn said...'re a grump, a nag, and a liar...all from the very COLD weather??
What is my excuse? I live in CA!! <smile>