Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My next computer

Not to worry, this PC is still chugging along just fine (knock on wood).  But since most of my computers self-destruct after a couple of years, I'm just thinking ahead.

I consider getting a Mac next time.  After all, there's no worrying about viruses with those.  And everybody says they are so cool.  But at my age, I don't like learning new things; I like the tried and true.  And I'd probably drive my daughter crazy asking her questions like, "What do I do next?"

Besides, Macs are pretty darned pricy.

Would I be able to transfer all my precious pictures and music to a Mac?  Could I do all the fun stuff I enjoy on a Mac?

Probably not.  So then there's the Windows Vista issue, which presents many of the same questions.

"Will my external hard drive work with Vista?"

"Will my pictures and documents transfer?"

"Am I going to have to learn a lot of new stuff with Vista?"

If given the choice, should I buy a computer with the Windows XP that I know and love installed, or should I take the latest thing available and make myself get familiar with Vista?

Oh well, hopefully I have plenty of time before I'm forced into this decision.  I'm just planning ahead because, you know, Cliff got a seventy-seven-cent-per-hour raise this week.  And somebody has to help him spend it.  (As if the cost of living hadn't already soaked it up.)


lanurseprn said...

Once you figure it all out, then let me know ok? LOL!

geocachelinda66 said...

I've decided against getting another computer, I'm thinking about getting a year long family membership to the YMCA instead.  Linda

gen0507 said...

Congrats.  to Cliff!!


marainey1 said...

I am a Mac lover even though I don't have one.  I got a new computer last year around Thanksgiving because my other one crashed.  Yes it got old.  I don't know why I didn't get a Mac,  it didn't even occur to me til it was too late.  I did get Vista on the new computer and there is not a whole lot of difference.  The big thing is that it is not compatible with all printers and scanners.  I did get a new 'all in one' so that was not a problem either.  You are right 77 cents an hour gets eaten up quickly with the rising cost of living.  Best start saving now.  'On Ya' - ma

mutualaide said...

Yeah Cliff!  I'm sure Mosie has big plans for that raise ... maybe an extra motorcycle trip this summer?  

Ah ... computers.  I love my old laptop here .... I've had it for at least four years and it was used when I bought it ... I just keep praying it will last through the next crash and the next and the next ... it's already had a couple.  

madcobug said...

Ken called Dell back last summer for me and had a Dell computer built for me with windows XP and with things I wanted on it. I love it. I am not familiar with how a Mac works. Helen

breakaway1968 said...

My hubby said that you should be able to transfer pics and stuff to Mac if you choose that.  Mac is Awesome!  I love it and it's WAY easier to run and learn then windows.  It
very user friendly!   It pretty much tells ya what to do and how to do it.  And it has iphoto and Itunes so you can save ALOT of music and pictures in there.  And it's so easy to transfer pics to journals and such.  

Hubby knows a lot of people who use Vista and has only heard bad things.  They hate it and it's hard to use.  I know we won't bet getting it.  

Good luck on your choices!! Mac's are coming down a bit in price and you can always consider the Mac Mini and reuse your monitor and keyboard too.  They run about 600 or so.  Great deal for a Mac.  

astaryth said...

Macs are cool... but be aware. Although they don't -usually- have virus attacks etc, they CAN! and, as they become more popular they will probably get more. You still need to run all the virus/firewall stuff on a Mac. The thing is that there are more windows machines and so the hackers concentrated on them for years because they would get 'more bang for their buck', but as the Macs become more popular this is starting to change.

Ease of use... Yep, Macs have it. I don't think you would have any problem and all your files could be transferred over. And, if you have a program you love that you can't get for a Mac? Then just run windows on it! Yep, you can do that.

I'll probably be sticking with a Windows machine though because of cost. I tend to run a lot of high-end graphic intensive stuff and I can get the hardware I need cheaper on a Windows machine. I don't care for what I've seen of Vista, but I figure I have another 1-2 years on this machine and by that time they will have the kinks worked out of Vista.. (or have the next running environment in place, or Macs will have come down in price <LOL>). If I was buying a machine tomorrow though.... I would try to go with WinXP for now.

Yeah to Cliff on the raise!

domsmom27 said...

You are saying exactly what I am thinking about a new computer.  If I get a new one, how do i keep all my tags and music.  Pictures of the kids I can print out for keeping.  This puter is about 6 years old.  I should start to copy my music that is on Itunes.  Who has time???   Marlene

helmswondermom said...

Personally I'm  sticking with a PC and with XP, but that's probably just because I don't like to change things around once I find something that works for me and that I'm comfortable with.   I've heard too many horror stories about Vista.

fierrorachel said...

Mom, let me show you my Mac from work.  Then, you can make a more educated decision.

randlprysock said...

I would love to hear the follow up answers to the questions here.  I don't know much about Macs except my hubby buys the ones at the McD's and I think my stepdad drove a Mack truck.  LOL  Hugs,

schoolgal040 said...

I had an iBook (Mac) and I loved it! Dumbest thing I ever did was sell it. And yes, you can move all of your things to a Mac and do great things with a Mac. And have FUN with just about ZERO worries. There are in my personal opinion the best computer money can buy. When this current PC I have goes gunny bag, it's a Mac for doubt about it. The one bad thing is they are a little costly and some of the programs are also expensive. But that's where our friend eBay comes in handy...LOL. Go try when out the next time your at the mall and see what you think. They are super, super easy to learn how to use!

Take care,