Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ah, Texas

Texas is not what I'd call a beautiful state, especially in the area where my sister spends her winters.  The temperature is great, the cacti planted in yards are impressive, the palm trees are a novelty.  But as a whole, the area isn't what I'd consider "scenic".  The main roads are always teeming with traffic, too.

Most of the individual parks where senior citizens live , however, are very well-kept, quiet, and indeed, gorgeous.

I saw some roses blooming as we walked to the salon for my haircut; they were a real treat to me:  roses in February!  There's not only a "yellow rose in Texas", there's also a lovely pinkish one.  This may be a Peace rose; it seems to me they are this color.

I'll leave you with a video taken at the jam session we attended on Friday.  The man acting as master of ceremonies kept promising us a treat, and it certainly was a treat to listen to this Canadian fellow playing patriotic American songs.


magran42 said...

That was great!

riverdaughter196 said...

Texas is beautiful in parts, especially the Hill Country.  
And yes we have roses bloom in February.   In fact my fruit trees all have buds on them.  

ryanagi said...

Bag-pipes! Now there is a nearly lost art, if ever I saw one.

randlprysock said...

I do love to hear the bagpipes.  Love the roses.  I do miss some things about Texas when I lived there.  I was in San Antonio for nearly three years.  Hugs,

gen0507 said...

The roses are beautiful in FEBRUARY!


mutualaide said...

Interesting how a group of folks can get together and just have fun and enjoy each others company -- just like when I was a kid --   Loved hearing the bagpipes.  

ksquester said...

Mo, I am so very glad you got to Texas to see your sister.  I liked your top 10 list too.  Maybe one day, you'll consider coming for a visit to AZ?  I'll pick you up at the airport. (trust me, I don't do that for everybody!) and there are horses to ride right around the corner from me.  I back up to the Indian reservation and the bird watching is wonderful. Every night when I walk LUKE, I hear a big ole owl and I've spotted him a couple of times. The Arabian horse show is going on right now. At art fair that is a blast is the end of Feb.  All in all, I think ya need to consider it!  Anne

suzypwr said...

Any place warm sounds good to me! Glad you had a good time :-)


helmswondermom said...

Love the pictures and the video.  Question: Is that lady in the video holding a compound bow??