Monday, March 27, 2006

Monday Morning Question

Its Monday (already). Time for the Monday Morning Question:

In "honor" of April Fool's Day coming up this week, what was the best April Fool's joke played on you or that you played on someone else?

You can either answer in Betty's comment section or in your journal and leave a link in Betty's comment section:  Her journal is Of mini-paws and menopause.   Have Fun!

I'm not much of a jokester, but one thing came to mind.

Sometimes I make a resolution, on New Years Day, to write a poem every day of the coming year.  I was doing this in 2003 and decided to have some fun on April Fool's Day.  Here's the poem I wrote before going to work that morning, and sent to the friends on my "daily poem list".  Needless to say, I had quite a bit of e-mail that evening when I got home from work.


                                                                I QUIT
                                    (c) copyright April 1, 2003
                                            Donna Wood

There'll be no more poetry heading your way.
I'm tired of thinking so hard every day.
I won't be constantly making things rhyme:
I've better things I can do with my time.

I have decided no one really cares
To hear my opinions and problems and prayers.
I have found much better things I can do
Than write all this garbage and wish it on you.

Yes, you will miss it at first, I am sure.
Even bad poetry has its allure,
But later I think you will sigh with relief
And thank the good Lord my career has been brief.

Now, with that said, I will drop out of sight
Never again to sweat bullets and write.
My poems are wasted attempts, as a rule:
Now that I've said this...

                                    WAKE UP!!!  April fool!!!


ora4uk said...

good thing it said "april fools"...cause I was getting ready to lamblast ya girl....not funny at all....sheesh...!!!! Hugs...Ora

msecz said...

That was a good one.... It made me smile too. Sandra

siennastarr said...

I'm glad it was an april fool, because I really do look forward to your poems, Donna!  :)


readmereadyou said...

That was great! : ) : ) : )


helmswondermom said...

I really like that one!

lv2trnscrb said...

great poem and prank to play! Thanks for playing the Monday morning question


am4039 said...

lol good one and also a good poem too,lol

mutualaide said...

ROFLOL!  Good one Mosie!  I've been thinking back, and back and back, and nothing comes to mind, except well, yes one thing.  I'll have to write about it this week!

chat2missie said...

Oh WOW!!  That's right.  April's fools is coming up.  

csandhollow said...

Good one. (Pat would say you were a mean white woman! ) LOL

plittle said...

Ha ha! Love it.