Monday, March 6, 2006

Cliff's current project

Cliff wanted me to send these pictures in e-mail to our son, but I decided to make an entry with them.

His brother brought this Ford 9-N tractor here from Kansas; it belongs to a neighbor of his.  The plan was to get the job done over the weekend, but it rained on Saturday, and the sand-blaster doesn't work well in wet, humid weather.  So Don have to make another trip to take it back home.

Buddy still spends most of his time here; his owners (the ones whose house next door burned) take him to town a couple days a week, but he is not a dog well-suited for town.  He's still skinny, but that is due, I think, to all the running and hunting he does.  It's purely amazing how fast and far he can go.  He's an athlete.  His owners plan to start rebuilding this week, I believe.

When buddy's here for our morning walk, he hangs around the back door until Cliff, Sadie and I come outside, knowing what's next.  Once we're in the pasture, I turn Sadie loose and let the dogs run together, although it's hard for me to do, because they disappear for twenty minutes or more at a time, running hard... and I'm always scared I'll never see Sadie again.  But Buddy's joy is restored now that he has a sidekick, even if it's only for a half-hour.

Sadie still doesn't listen very well when I call her, so I don't let her off the leash in the yard except to play Frisbee, which she absolutely loves.



mumma4evr said...

JoJo often escapes and is gone for a while.  He loves to run!

madcobug said...

Cliff is one busy man, always has a project of some sort going. I am glad that Buddy likes Sadie. Helen

readmereadyou said...

So glad Buddy has a place to go. : )
I'm such a city girl that it's fun to see these photos.
Angela : )

msecz said...

I bet Buddy loves to come to your house because there is always something going on... I don't blame him at all either.... I would want to be by you too if I were him. Hope all goes well with the painting. I can hardly wait to see it finished. What color will it be? Cliff sure is a handy man. Sandra

shayshaydc said...

Ahhhhhhh the free life of a dog or dogs!!!! I can just see Sadie and Buddy romping around out in the pasture!!!!

ora4uk said...

well (from a city girl's point of view)....that is some ugly piece of machinery....but having seen results of reverbishing that Cliff has will be beautiful when he is finished....and I too am happy Buddy has a "pal" again....he missed his friend...just like we did and still do....Hugs....Ora

am4039 said...

awww the two dogs running together how cute. Yep I would be scared to till they came back.  I totally understand.  Have a great day.