Tuesday, March 7, 2006

tagged again

I've been tagged by Toonguy! 

1. I need:  time to myself

2. Sex:  I could live without it, but would rather not

3. Relationships:  close ones are few and far between

4. Your Last Ex:  don't have any ex-husband.  last ex-boyfriend?  Thank GOD I didn't marry him!

5. Power:  Rangers

7. Crack:  doesn't everybody have one?

8. Food: one of life's great pleasures

9. The President: a disappointment

10. War:  never-ending

11. Cars: gotta have 'em

12.  Gas Prices: just like all other prices... too high

13.Halloween:  not as much fun as it was in the fifties

14. Politics: stupid

15. Religion:  I hate "religion".  I love Jesus.

17. MySpace:  I don't go there

19. Marriage:  next-best thing that ever happened to me

20. Fashion:  don't have a clue about it

21. Brunettes:   are me

22. Redheads:  seem to attract men

23: Work:  I'd rather play

24: Football:   makes Cliff happy

25. One night stands:  never had one

26: Pet Peeve:  people who think they couldn't possibly be wrong

27. Pixie Stix:  I'm not even sure what they are, but it sounds familiar

28: Vanilla Ice:  what's that?

29: Porta Pottie:  the camper

30: High school  lonely

32. Pajamas:  flannel

33.  Wood:  My name

 34. Surfers:  Jan and Dean


ksquester said...

Remember "Dead Man's Curve?" Was that Jan and Dean?  Your answer to CRACK........'zackly what I was thinkin'   Anne

am4039 said...

yep I have a crack, lol good stuff.

amy122389 said...

Redheads attract men?  You see, I knew I was a redhead for a reason.  I MEAN...what?  LOL

Vanilla Ice was a rap singer in the early 90s.  He was in Cold As Ice (movie).  It's worth a laugh the next time you've got nothing to do.  <g>

But you had me laughing at Power Rangers....hee hee hee....


plieck30 said...

Could Pixie Stix be the same thing as Pick-Up Sticks? My kids use to play with bright colored sticks. You pitch them all down and try to pick up as many as you can without touching another. My grandson loved Power Rangers when he was a little boy and number seven gave me a good laugh for some reason. Paula

readmereadyou said...

Number seven cracked me up. : )

amy122389 said...

Oh!  and Pixie Stix are those paper straws filled with flavored sugar.  NOT my favorite candy.  Look in the candy aisle the next time you head into WalMart.  They're probably under a dollar for a bag....


toonguykc said...

'Jan and Dean' -- wish I'd thought to say that!  Good one!


chat2missie said...

I used to love Pixie Sticks when I was a kid!

creelmd said...

Good answers! I was cracking up about #s 7 & 28. :)