Thursday, March 9, 2006

About seeing stars in person

That's my current favorite singer, Iris DeMent.  Her songs stir my soul.

So, what is it about a singer/song writer that makes me want to meet them after I've heard them sing?

Cliff doesn't understand it; he says he wouldn't walk across the street to see any of them.

I will admit I was disillusioned by George Jones... not just once, but twice.  Back when he was "no-show Jones", we went to see him at the Missouri State Fair.  You could tell he was only going through the motions.  I wanted to give him one more chance, so we went to see him at a local casino a couple of years ago.  He was STILL only going through the motions.  Not only that, but he really can't sing that well these days.

Not all the singers I love are like that.  Cliff and I have seen Moe Bandy at Branson, and he seems to appreciate his fans.

Travis Tritt put on a good show in Kansas City, and I felt the money we spent to see him, live, was well spent (don't ask Cliff about it, though).

So why do I want to see them all in person?

I wish I knew.

Lately I've been listening to the music of Iris DeMent.  She lives in Kansas City, part of the time.

Why do I want to meet her?  What on earth would I have to say to her anyhow, if we met?

"I love your music"?  "I listen to your singing every day."

Somehow I don't think she'd care.  Don't all of her fans say the same thing?

When I hear a song that touches my soul, why do I feel I need to meet the singer?

Can someone tell me?



plieck30 said...

I saw George Jones twice in one day at a chile cook-off north of San Antonio. I wasn't all that impressed either. Don't itch to meet many so I couldn't tell you why. Guess its your thing. Paula

robinngabster said...

Maybe it is the connection to them that makes you want something deeper like a meeting with them.

am4039 said...

I have seen a few concerts. My fave. one in the world was Paul Mccartney. I think I spelled it wrong.  I should know after all those years. I saw him and linda in Chicago and it was the best.  He loves the shows. He gets so personal with the audience.  It was a pure joy.  We all loved it.  Didn't get any better than that.

fierrorachel said...

Some people listen to music for the rhyme.  Some people listen to music for the beat.  Some people want to crank the music for the feeling of the bass coming from the speakers.  You and I are different.  We feel the lyrics.  We feel the emotion.  We feel the very thoughts of the songwriter.  We need to let them know that we connect with them.  Do they care?  I doubt it.  I want to tell Travis that he sang me through a divorce and an abusive relationship, but I doubt he cares.  I want to tell Trace that he helped my marriage, but I doubt he cares.  I want to tell a Martina that her voice melts me into my shoes, but I doubt she cares.  They have their millions, we have the heart of a "lover of musical art."  These folks are good, we appreciate it.  Why fight it?  Go to Ya'llapalooza with me again this year.  Go to the Van's Warped Tour with your grandkids again.  Enjoy the heart of the artist.   Quit doubting it.   You love what you love.

lv2trnscrb said...

maybe like Robin said, you want to connect with them, figure out why they wrote/sang what they did. Never heard of Iris DeMent; I need to get out more


starstarj said...

I don't have any idea why you feel this way.  I saw Naomi Judd at the LOWES store and I thought it was funny. She looked like she was trying to disguise herself with these huge sunglasses but get this she had on a BRIGHT orange leather jacket and with her auburn hair it looked like a beacon saying HERE I AM. I can think of several I would love to meet but would have no idea what to say to them that wouldn't make me look like an idiot. I have met one Nascar driver at a public autograph session and he acted sooooo bored to death to be there it really turned me off. I mean don't do the meet and greet with your fans if your not going to act like you appreciate them coming out to see you.

naturegirlfromny said...

I haven't been to very many concerts.  Last one I attempted was Josh Groban and my daughter and I had lawn seats.  It started raining of course!  Missed most of the concert.  I love his singing.  Went to see Phantom of the Opera, that was wonderful, that music, some of it really moves me.  Linda

lmitc89854 said...

I have gone to concerts over the years. Heard Willy Nelson, 3 or 4 times, John Denver, Liza Minelli, Paul Simon and many more. I just love live music! All of them transported me for a few hours. Now I need to find out more about Iris.

ora4uk said...

Hey Mosie...have no idea accept for your musical soul....I don't know of anyone in the bigtime world that I would want to Cliff....they don't turn me on...but then we are all different....guess you just want to meet the person who's songs can make you feel so complete for a time.....Hugs....Ora

bhbner2him said...

Perhaps you need something to close the connection they made to you with their song.  Maybe you are hoping for some connection that runs deeper than some song.  Maybe you are star-struck.  Naw.  Don't seem the type.  ;o) -  Barbara

bnanajm said...

Mosie, I would want to tell them "Thank you for the pleasure your music gives me".  Last Friday night I went to see Michael Buble again.  This time we sat in the nosebleed section and I couldn't see his face, but I could hear him and he was THERE - right there!!!!!!!!

I know how you feel.  Music soothes the savage beast.  Don't you know that?

See you soon.

mutualaide said...

I too love to go see them perform but I have no desire to meet them.  I'd have no clue what to say!

siennastarr said...

It's probably because through their music they have touched your soul.  You feel a kinship with them.. and need to reach out and tell them how much their music means to you.  I can understand it.  I've felt that way before about a celebrity.  People laugh because I want to meet Angelina Jolie so badly.  I feel a kinship with her.  I find her to be much deeper than most people give her credit for.  I think she is an old soul with much wisdom.  I would just love to sit down and have a conversation with her about anything and everything.  So.. you are not alone, Donna.  :)


haileen2003 said...

I think it's great to meet a 'Star' if they have given, and you have enjoyed their Music...haven't met too many myself. Did meet Tony Bennett, and shake his hand. I still have a Picture 'framed' that he signed for me. One of my treasured 'Photos..a lot of years ago.