Friday, March 10, 2006

Sadie playing

It's time for more Sadie pictures.

We're having a slight problem with turning her loose in the pasture when we go on our daily walks.  Our neighbor dog, Buddy, always had a morning run with Mandy when she was alive, and if we turn Sadie loose, he takes her for a run.  I allowed her to go with him a couple of times, since they are back in the woods and, hopefully, safe from any traffic.  However, Buddy runs SO far, we have no idea where they are when they're out of sight.  Eventually they split up and, after much frantic calling, Sadie returns to us. 

The other day we were finished with our walk, but still no Sadie.  We came back to the house and Buddy was here, but not Sadie.  That scared me.  I returned to the pasture where my dog came running up to me, panting.  But that was the last straw.

One day I locked Buddy in Mandy's old pen before we walked, which worked out beautifully.  But Buddy's no fool, and he's not about to let me put him in there again.  If I'm in the vicinity of the pen, he won't come near me.

Sadie is so hyper, she really needs the outdoor exercise.  But right now, I don't know what else to do except keep her on a leash when we walk (she hates that) or just leave her behind.

The reason I'm so terrified at the two dogs running together is that, according to a witness to Mandy's accident, she and Buddy were wrestling and chasing one another across the highway when the car hit her.

I can't stand to go through that again, especially so soon.

On a side note:  Wouldn't you know it?  Now that my diet report day is past, I'm three pounds lighter.  Geesh.


shayshaydc said...

Buddy does seems to pose a problem!! Hope you can get it worked out!!

ora4uk said...

Hi Mosie...if it were me I would keep her on a long leash...since you cannot really control what Buddy does or doesn't do...she may not like it as well...maybe the reason she wants to run is she sees Buddy do it....she will get used to it...she is a smart puppy for sure...Hugs...Ora

msecz said...

thats great news to be 3 #'s thinner now matter the day. I lost 1/2 # and then yesterday I ate some sauercraut and I gained 1# today.... I won't give up though because it has to be the salt or something like that, right?  lol  I loved your pictures of Sadie. She is a very pretty girl isn't she. Sandra

naturegirlfromny said...

Great pictures, yea that Buddy is trying to lead her astray, lol!  Linda

readmereadyou said...

Sadie is adorable. : ) And, I'd keep her on a leash too under the circumstances.
Congrats on the weight progress. : )

Have a wonderful weekend,

robinngabster said...

we were way over due for Sadie pictures!  She is just can see so much in her eyes.

mastersblynn said...

Tiny does this to me too.  She has so many stuffed animals.  If she can't get my attention with one she will go and get another one. LOL  If I ignore her she will finally lay down with a huge sigh and look sad at me, like doncha love me anymore?  They really keep us busy huh.  I love Sadies pictures! Barbara

sugarsweet056 said...

You know when the alert says Sadie pics I come running LOL!!!! Great pics!
Yes keep her on a lease, get one of the LONG ones, I have a short one & a very very long one & one that retracts. My dogs never get out of our little fenced area without being on a lease!!! Too dangerous! Even when I lived on my little farm in TX they stayed in the fenced area or was leased!!! Just too much for them to get into & it's up to us to protect them!
Congrats on the 3#! YOU GO GURL!!!!!
Love & hugs,

nerves05 said...

I always enjoy your pictures you post.
I would worried about sadie to. I don't know what i would do if my little t-boney man got run over. He is a very special dog to us. I feel bad to because when i let t-bone out he wants to run around the neighborhood and he doesn't listen. But i will let me other dog misty out to run around and she will stay in the yard. So t-bone goes out just to do his business and thats it. He's already been shot in the neck on one of his running off adventures and been jumped on by a bulldog on another. I'm sure he doesn't have to many more lives left to spare.
Have a good weekend..
Take care  :-)

lv2trnscrb said...

she is such a cute dog! So much personality! I have no advice on what to do to train her to come back to you. I have a corgi who doesn't listen to me so he's bound by a leash when we go awalking.

WTG on the 3 gone - hope it shows up on next Wednesday's weigh in too :)

enjoy the weekend


astaryth said...

Sadie is such a cutie! Morgan has a bunch of toys, and she loves if we play with them with her, but if we are busy she will entertain herself.

When Morgan was little, before she had a good recall, I also worried that she would take off and not listen to me. So, I got a really long tie-out (I think it was 10 foot or so). One end attatched to her, one end to my belt. She had the freedom to wander away from me a little ways, and I always knew where she was. Also, this left my hands free to do whatever I was doing. You just have to be careful she doesn't tangle you up.

We also have two leashes now for Morgan. A short one for going inside Petsmart and places like that, and a retractible one for going places where there are a lot of people animals and she is required to be leashed, but i want to be able to give her a little more 'room'

am4039 said...

good job on the diet.  I sure don't blame you and I would be so nervous to let sadie run like that.  So, I would take Sadie on a leash, since she needs the walk. I know she hates it but it's a lot safer for sure.

mutualaide said...

Well, good news on the diet front!  I know you have the halti now to keep Sadie walking nicely with you ... I'm wondering if a long line used for horses would work to give her more roaming space but keep her with you?  Sometimes they are too long, but we used to use a twenty foot length for one of our dogs while we were walking.  He got to sniff and roam, we got to stay on the path.  

siennastarr said...

Those pictures are just so cute!!  I love the way she wants to play with you, and lets you know it!!!  The way you word your pictures always bring a smile!


sunnyside46 said...

what a precious puppy