Thursday, March 23, 2006

Weekend Assignment #104: Color My World

Weekend Assignment #104: Tell us your favorite color. Give no less than three reasons why it is so.

A certain shade of blue.  But I don't know why I like it so well, so I can't give 3 reasons, but it affects me like catnip affects a cat, when I see it.  I even wrote a poem about it once:

                                     WHY DO I LIKE BLUE?
                                               Donna Wood
                                     (c) February 15, 2003

The world has shades of every hue
Eye-catching reds, and grays...
I wonder why I so love blue,
And why it takes my gaze.

There's lovely dandelion yellow...
Rose- and apple-red.
Pinks and purples soft and mellow:
Why not them, instead?

At my workplace yesterday
New sweaters caught my eye.
Their color took my breath away:
The blue of summer's sky.

I'd go back to my work and then
Forget them for awhile.
That blue would catch my eye again
And give me cause to smile.

I wonder if it's born in me
To love a certain hue?
Or maybe some lost memory
Attracts me thus to blue.

Some preferences, we're born to hold.
We gain some, as we grow.
I'd love to learn, before I'm old,
Why blue attracts me so.

Extra credit: A picture that is primarily of your favorite color.

This link will take you to an entry of Judith Heartsong's, where she shares a lovely painting of hers which has shades of blue I like.  Click HERE and enjoy.

If you want to do this weekend assignment, be sure and leave the link to your entry at John Scalzi's blog.


deslily said...

What a nice poem!  It really does make you wonder why the attraction to the color for you.  Wouldn't it be something if someday you figure it out?!

mutualaide said...

I do love blue, as well, although it's not my favorite color!  Blue makes me feel content, but pink is my favorite.  That is a lovely picture Judi has rendered.  As always when I see her flower work I am thrilled at the colors.

mastersblynn said...

Blue is my favorite color too.  I really like aqua blue!  Reminds me of the ocean.  Thanks for a great entry and poem Mosie!

ksquester said...

delightful poem Donna.  Isn't it odd that that chose the color blue to represent depression via words and music?  (BLUES)  aNNE

msecz said...

That is a beautiful shade of blue.... I love the blue of a summer sky the best.... I just get lost in it and cannot move for a bit.... I think that must be heaven... :)  Sandra

madcobug said...

Those shades are the shades of blue I have in my bedroom. I like your poem. Blue used to be my favorite color and as I age I love both blue and some shades of green. Helen

judithheartsong said...

thanks for thinking of me and the piece:) judi

robinngabster said...

awww how nice!  mine is pink.

am4039 said...

I like blue,yellow and green.

lv2trnscrb said...

I like your poem; blue is my favorite color; its just so mellow


plittle said...

Would that be a certain "hyper-intelligent shade of the colour blue?" Sorry, geeky Douglas Adams reference.

mumma4evr said...

I love green, as in leaves, grass, gardens...reminds me of life and growth!

jevanslink said...

I enjoyed  your poem too.  Mrs. L

jevanslink said...

Great color, great link to Judith Heartsong''s hyacinths.  Mrs. L