Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stupid Microsoft

I always turn off my computer before I go to bed.  Last night I saw there was a Microsoft Windows update  needing to be installed, so I clicked on it, figuring when I awoke this morning, I'd be up and running.

Oh no; when everything was said and done this morning, I couldn't access the Internet.

I called Embarq.  The very friendly tech lady had me do a "system restore", going back to settings from Monday.  This worked just dandy, and I had my Internet back.  It also removed my update.

Trouble is, every time I turn my computer off now, those silly Windows updates install themselves automatically.  And then, of course, I can't access the Internet and I have to do a system restore again.

Does anyone know if there's a way I can turn off the Windows updates?  Or maybe I need to call Embarq again and tell them what's happening.

I'm not turning my computer off tonight, that's for sure.  I'm tired of doing "system restore".


helmswondermom said...

I'll email a couple of suggestions for you.  They're worth a try.

madcobug said...

Go to your start menu, go to control panel, go to security center then there is your options to turn off updates. I opted not to install the lastest update, Would you believe when I turned my computer on yesterday morning it said microsoft had installed them and downloaded them and restarted my computer. I really dislike them doing that when I didn't want this latest update. I do know we need updates for security once in a while but when you opt not to install them then makes me irritated they went ahead and done it anyway. It hasn't caused any problems yet but that was only yesterday it did that. Helen

exptmircle said...

I never turn my computer off at night.  I do reboot every once in a while  but I was told it was best to leave it running. I was told it was harder on the computer to turn it off and on daily.  I have had this computer 3 years and have never had any troubles.   I wonder what really is best?  
BTW....Happy Belated Birthday

kentuckybluey said...

Hi Ihave always been told not to turn them off also .But then I also heard it is a good way for people to crack in to your computer and be up to no good.So I want to be in front mine at all times that way I have a little more control.But we all know if they want to do it their is always some one that is smarter.But good luck and hope some of the suggestions work for you .I would just like to learn how to do a joural .I have tried two and I didn't seem to work.No one read it and no one had a reply.I thought it was good.So I need to learn how you all do it it looks like so much fun and some one to talk to.I don't have any one on line but a couple of people.God bless have a great day.Ilove reading your joural.

cathygramm3 said...

yes -- somewhere there is a place you can set it so you have a choice when to get the updates -- but for the life of me I cannot remember where -- check in your windows help and support. Good luck !!

breakaway1968 said...

Did you figure anything out on this...I know I'm reading backwards and haven't heard anything in your newer posts so was wondering.  I can ask hubby for your...he's a Microsoft hater but he can fix most anything on a computer!  If you still need help I will have him read this entry and see if there is something he can help you with easily enough through comments :)