Thursday, July 24, 2008

OK, I'm here

I know I've been absent lately; I even received an email asking if I'm OK.  Actually, here's the problem:  I'm having so much fun in my new home, I have trouble motivating myself to get on the Internet.  I was online about twenty minutes this morning, and that was all until a half-hour ago.  I'm not getting around to all the journals and blogs I usually read.  It isn't that I'm so busy, I'm just loving the settled feeling I have here, and suddenly all that time spent online seems like a waste when I could be enjoying my house.

This is the completed front porch.  There will eventually be a sidewalk from the porch to the driveway.

To the right, you have the deck-box in which we'll keep boots, shoes, and all sorts of winter weather gear so it isn't strung all around inside the house.  The box can be used as a seat, too.

On the left is a glider chair Rena gave me (spoils of the divorce war... ha!).  I've been sitting there with my first cup of coffee in the morning (which I used to drink at the computer).  I love my porch!

The man who built it is going to start our enclosed back porch and deck this coming Monday.  And Cliff is ready to have the Mennonite builders come out and give an estimate on a metal, two-car garage.  Things are happening fast!


madcobug said...

That seat is the perfect place to have your morning coffee. I like the way those boards in the bottom are running sidewise and not the usual straight way. You are gonna love the inclosed back porch. Things are really going your way lately. Helen

siennastarr said...

Donna, do what makes you happy!  Life is for the living.. so get out there and live it... even if it is right on your own front porch! :)


bookncoffee said...

Oh Donna I'm so excited for you.  I know you are thrilled.  I would love the porch too.  I know I love my patio and sunroom.  I am on the computer less too.  Work is boring today.  so shhh...I'm having to do something to keep myself from falling asleep this last long hour.  Oh exciting about the back deck/porch...can't wait to see that.  And anxious to hear abou the mennonites too.  Hope Cliff is getting in some relax time too during all this.

countrylady4071 said...

I'm so happy for you and Cliff.  I enjoy sitting on my back deck too.  The roof keeps the sun off me, and it stays pretty nice out there.  I live in the woods, and I love sitting out there enjoying nature.  Have a great evening.

gen0507 said...

I understand totally!  Where did you get the deck-box?  I need one of those things.  The dogs drag off everything we leave out on the porch.  Everything looks wonderful ~ you enjoy!


helmswondermom said...

I think it's great that you've been enjoying your new home so much!  And that really is much more important than being online; but we're glad you did check in and update us.  I love your porch and look forward to seeing pics of the new deck, too.

jctopaz55 said...

Oh Mosie.....the porch looks wonderful !! I know you love it. I know you are enjoying your new home . I really like the deck box . I sure could use one of them. What a great idea !! Cant wait to see the enclosed back  porch. I have a back porch too , but mine is not enclosed. Have a wonderful evening !!


breakaway1968 said...

I did the same thing when we first moved in here!  I understand totally!  It's a great feeling when you feel good about where you live :)  Enjoy it!  We will be here when you pop in ;)  

randlprysock said...

Oh I just love your new front porch and what a handy place to put a nice chair and a box that doubles as a seat and storage!!!  I love having a covered front porch here too in KY and have always wanted one.  It's a nice place to watch sunsets or enjoy the morning as it awakens and has been a great prayer time for me.  So nice that you are enjoying your new home and having such a lovely blessing.  I am not spending as much time on line either these days.  Thank you for encouraging me with regard to my son.   I have not meant to neglect your journal but the alerts still are not coming.  I was so glad when you stopped by.  I read too many journals so I have a hard time keeping track of everyone.  Again I tried to reset alerts and it would not take it so I  keep missing your entries.  If you are getting my entry alerts then each time you stop by and comment I can click on your name and it takes me to your journal and I can send a comment easily back that way.  That is what I have to do with Terri's journal too... you may know chevysgirl also from KY.  Hope you are having beautiful summer weather and that is going to be so nice to have the extra garage building.  Hugs,

fowfies said...

I totally get it. You enjoy it all...just pop in when you feel like it, like you told me, its supposed to be fun and entertaining, not a chore. :) Hugs, Kelly

lanurseprn said...

That's a nice front porch! I love the seat. That really is a perfect place for morning coffee!
Enjoy your home, and come visit when you can.

mutualaide said...

Things are happening fast!  I don't blame you for wanting to sit and enjoy your new home and your new porch.  It's summer and soon enough you'll be forced inside where all your internet buddies will be too.  

AOL Journals is slow paced just now ... folks are writing but not as often as usual.  I look forward to fall for all the 'catch up' 'cause I miss my on-line friends this time of year.  But hey, I'm not writing as often either.  Lots of fun outdoor activities and yard work and fresh air!

Front porch is GREAT!  Looking forward to seeing the enclosed one.  :)

gen0507 said...

Hey, I didn't know if I ever invited you over to my journal or if you have time drop by...


suzypwr said...

Wow - you are really moving along! It's looking all very nice and homey :-)


robinngabster said...

Looks great!!!!