Sunday, July 13, 2008

checking in

I'm sorry I didn't take pictures today; there were many opportunities, but I didn't want to come inside to get my camera.

Cliff, Rena (his sister) and I went to the Church I attended for many years this morning, and Rena seems to have found her church home.  She loved it! 

After we got home and had a salad, Cliff and I went out and worked on the skirting for our home.  We spent several hours at this yesterday, too.  Tomorrow should see it finished.  Then Cliff has some dirt work to do with the tractor.

I woke up shortly after 4 o'clock this morning and decided to get up and ride Blue while it was cool.  We weren't going to leave for church until 9:30, so I had plenty of time.

Trouble is, the horses were nowhere in sight.  They're always standing at the gate when the sun comes up, but not today, and they still hadn't shown up when we left to go to church.  This evening I put Blue up in a nearby pen; if I'm of a mind to ride in the morning, my horse will be nearby.

Rena has always taken her hopelessly spoiled miniature dachshund for a ride when she mows the yard.  So I wasn't surprised today when I saw Cliff heading toward me on the John Deere and realized he had Angel on his lap.  Trust me, I will get a picture of this the next time.  He's going to try and rig up some sort of little box on the tractor for Angel next time she wants to ride.

We're enjoying having Cliff's sister as a neighbor.  Once Cliff is up in the morning, we call her and tell her the coffee is on; she and Angel are here in a jiffy.  I enjoy watching Cliff and his sister strengthening their family ties; I believe it's good for both of them.  And the old house I moved from is, as I figured it would be, cleaner than it's been in forty years.

Rena and I will be making a trip to Wisconsin to finalize her divorce early next month.  It'll be the closest I've ever been to a divorce, and I'll try to blog about it... with discretion, of course.  Rena didn't want to make the twelve-hour trip alone, and I'm not doing anything to prevent me from going along.  Cliff is going to babysit dogs for the couple of days we'll be gone.

And there you have it:  a scattered and confusing update with no pictures.

All I can say is, it's been a good day.


marainey1 said...

A very full and busy day for sure !  I'm sure Cliff's sister is glad she has the two of you for support too.  'On Ya' - ma

ickivic said...

A nice quiet Sunday after last weeks fesivities. It'll be a nice get a way and good support for Rena when you accompany her on the divorce trip.  Vicki

suzypwr said...

Scattered and confused update with no pictures? Sounds like almost all of mine!

I am surprised the mini-weiner likes to ride on the tractor - noise usually upsets them. Those pictures are going to be cute!


helmswondermom said...

I'm glad you had such a great day yesterday.  It is wonderful that Cliff and Rena have this time to enjoy one another's company (and yours too of course).  It's so nice to have family we love nearby.  I'd love to see Angel riding the tractor with Cliff.  She obviously is a dog who likes to be in on everything and who likes to keep busy!  

bookncoffee said...

Oh, I think this is awesome that Rena is so close.  I know she is blessed too having you all there.  Glad she liked the church.  I'm sure everyone welcomed her in just fine.  Laughing at "the house has not been that clean in years".   lol
Yes, I will love seeing her little doggie pics.  Hope Blue showed.  lol

gen0507 said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day.  I'm glad that Rena liked the church.  I'm also happy for Cliff having his sister so close.  I'm sure she is happy to have y'all so close too.  It has just worked out for everyone!


mutualaide said...

A good day is all one could ask for, really.  It is nice that Cliff and his sister are getting closer and having time together.  That's what family is ...

breakaway1968 said...

Bring a jacket LOL It was 52 this morning although it's been getting up close to 80 now in the day time.  SOME days anyhow.  Sounds like a fun road trip for you guys :)