Monday, July 7, 2008

It really was a bang-up 4th

Have you ever seen anyone blow up a washing machine with dynamite?  You can watch it as video'd by my son with his cell phone HERE.

Yes folks, we really ARE rednecks.


exptmircle said...

First off, Happy Birthday Donna.  
Wow!  That was pretty redneckish.  I can assure you no one around here ever blew up anything, and if they ever did I would be willing to bet there is a law against it.  As a matter of fact, it is against the law here to have basic sparklers.  Makes me wonder if dynamite is even available to buy anywhere around here and if so, what hoops would one have to jump through to do so.  
I admit, that did look like a lot of fun.    

ora4uk said...

awww gee whiz...I miss all the fun LOLOL....redneck or not...looks like a blessed good times to me LOL...God Bless...hugs...Ora

lanurseprn said...

LOL I showed this to my brother and he died laughing! He wished he'd been there! LOL!

gen0507 said...

LOL I like the redneck fireworks!


fowfies said...

Now that is just CLASSIC! They were runnin like their butts were on fire werent they?? LOL! That is just some great stuff! I enjoyed that bit of redneckness, too funny! Kelly

breakaway1968 said...

WOW I was so far behind on journals!  I am finally caught up on one now ;)