Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Plenty of rain (and other short stories)

At five-thirty this morning, I took a flashlight, went to the rain gauge, and saw 4 2/10 inches of rain that had fallen since last night.  Since the gauge only holds five inches, I dumped it; but it's still raining out there!

The biggest drawback of using Dish TV is that heavy rain and storms tend to leave you without television.  I've found out, however, that I can get two local channels quite nicely, with absolutely no antenna.  I turn off the dish box and pick up good signals on local ABC and CBS.  Which means I can keep informed on the weather situation.

I think it's time to take my desktop in for a checkup.  It won't connect to the Internet this morning.  I'd sort of like it to have those Microsoft updates that keep shutting it down, anyhow.  Thank goodness for my laptop.

It's good to have a spare computer.

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marainey1 said...

For the first time this summer we need some rain and may get it later today.  Hopefully you all had no flooding.  That is alot of rain overnight.  My son and SIL had Dish set up at the campers this summer and the same thing happens when we get storms.  Yes it is good to have a spare computer.  They say they are obsolete after 3 years, but my laptop is going on 7 now and thanks to DS#4 is still working for me.  Hope you get yours fixed.  The updates are valuable.  
'On Ya' -ma

mutualaide said...

We've had lots of rain over the last few weeks ... the jet stream just kept pushing it to us.  Thunderstorms and rain.  Up to 9" of rain locally which is unusual for here this time of year.  Glad for it though ... I can water my outdoor plants without guilt (at least with the watering can).

madcobug said...

I hope that rain stops soon, that is an awful lot. It's strange that some places are flooding where others are not getting any or very little. I hope you can get you desktop fixed soon. Helen

fowfies said...

We have been getting a lot of rain also. Very unusual for this time of year here. Usually by now things are drying up and the grass is turning brown, but everything is green and lush for a change. Thats a lot of rain. I looked at the radar and saw the mass over y'all. Must be moving slow! Kelly

countrylady4071 said...

That IS a lot of rain.  Send some to Virginia.  Our yard is beginning to turn brown, and ugly.  They have been calling for rain everyday since Saturday, but we haven't had a drop yet.  Hopefully we will get some soon.  Have a wonderful day.  Oh by the way, my hummingbird feeder has been quite busy this morning...LOL

gen0507 said...

My goodness....much more rain & you'll have to get Cliff to get the builder guy to build an ark....


helmswondermom said...

Yes it is!  Had to have some work done recently on my laptop, so I was especially glad of my desktop.