Monday, July 7, 2008

I'll bet you guys thought I had forgotten

In an entry I made on June 9, I offered a couple of my son's old rock magazines to person who gave the best reason for wanting them.  Well, I decided they should go to the first person who asked for them.

Yeah, it's been a whole month, but a busy one.  Now I'm at the point where I might actually be able to get to the post office and send these little relics.  I've emailed the winner, and hope to get the magazines to her this week.

Also, for the three of you who joined up with my "pay-it-forward" thing:  I have not forgotten you ladies either, so don't give up on me. 

And now, a little story from today.

Daughter always works long hours, and this week her hubby works EXTRA-long hours.  So they left their dog, Hawkeye, here at our place.  He's never any trouble and doesn't wander away.  He took a walk with me and Cliff this morning.  Later on the temperatures climbed; no problem for long-haired Hawkeye.  We haven't put all the skirting on our home yet, so he just crawls under our mobile home.

Cliff was taking a shower before going to work and he heard Hawkeye howling under the trailer.  Since Hawkeye howls at any sort of strange noise, we figured it was no big deal.  Still, as I wondered what on earth might have made him howl, I began to worry.

"Cliff," I said, "Do you suppose he got shocked, or maybe a bee stung him down there?"

"He didn't sound like he was in distress," Cliff said.  "He was just howling like he does when he hears a siren."

When I'm in charge of someone else's pride-and-joy dog, my worst fear is that something might happen to him; so I looked out the window in hopes of seeing my daughter's dog.

There was Hawkeye in the full sun, on a 90-plus degree day, laid out on his side not moving.

"Cliff,"  I yelled.  "I think Hawkeye died!  Otherwise, why would he be laying out there like that?"

Cliff looked out the window and said, "Oh, s***!"

We both ran to the front door, knowing in our hearts that poor dog was dead. 

But as soon as I opened the door, Hawkeye got up, stretched, and came bounding to me.

Whew.  Crazy dog.

Hey, he HAS been sick lately.  You'd have thought the same thing!


madcobug said...

I am glad that he was ok. Sometimes these dog will lay out in the hot sun but I thought it was from being inside where the air is. Hawkeye may have got cold lying close to the air vents was why he was laying in the sun. Have a good night. Helen

jctopaz55 said...

Yes , Mosie ...I would have thought the same thing too . Sure am glad that Hawkeye is ok. He must have wanted to just warm up a bit . lol  Take care.


heyuno said...

that's it, can't trust you with a rooster, or a dog.  I must say, you had me laughing when Pop's said oh sh--.

amy122389 said...

my dogs do the same thing - 98 degrees and there they are sunning themselves.  dumb dogs....


mutualaide said...

Oh the start to your heart!

ora4uk said...

well I would have thought the same as you....but I do believe cliff's remark was the best part of the story LOLOLOL...God Bless....and glad hawkeye is ok....LOL...hugs...Ora

ickivic said...

Never a dull moment at your house. Nice pictures of the family enjoying the fourth.  The dryer blow-up was awesome.  Not even a sparkler to be had in N.J.   Vicki

helmswondermom said...

Oh I'm so glad he was okay!  I always worry if I'm caring for someone else's pet, not to mention my kids' pets when they're staying away from home.  Hope he has plenty of water to drink.

fierrorachel said...

Weird dog also pees under the deck...WHERE HE SLEEPS!  Oh, are you too scared for him to stay there again Thursday and Friday?  I'm just askin'.

magran42 said...

I had a scare like that once.  Our pit bull, "Trucker" was a black dog and ran loose at that time.  One winter morning when I looked out he was laying in the middle of the yard with frost peppered over him like gray hair.  Have you ever seen a live dog covered in frost?  He looked dead but he came when I called.  I loved that dog.

gen0507 said...

LOL~ I'm glad that he wasn't dead.


fowfies said...

What a nutty dog! Glad he was okay, made y'all sit up and take notice of him, and I reckon thats what he was looking for. ;) Kelly

breakaway1968 said...

Whew glad to hear the dog was ok!  They do love laying in the hot sun no matter how hot it is...mine do that too!  LOL