Thursday, June 12, 2008

Questions you've asked about the previous entry

From my good buddy Joanna:  "It's gorgeous.  Can't wait to come occupy the guest b'room."
You bet, Joanna!  We'll plan on a visit from you, perhaps next year?

From Mutualaide:  "I love your quilts and wonder did you quilt them?"
I can barely sew on a button.  The quilt on my unmade bed is a "sampler" lap quilt made by my wonderful, giving friend Dona Smith.  I regret the way I took her for granted for so many years.  She also painted the picture hanging over the bed in the guest room.  The quilt hanging over the head of my bed was quilted by my mom.  She bought the pieces already cut out at a garage sale, and sewed them together while my dad was taking cancer treatments.  I sat with her and watched her work on that quilt so many times in the waiting room that I finally asked her if I could have it.  It will likely go to one of my sister's grandsons when I'm gone.  Dona's quilt and the picture she painted need to go to her children after my death, since they had a fire that destroyed everything in their home several years ago and probably don't have too many things like that.

"Really pretty! Can you tell me is it a double wide or single?"
It's a single-wide (16 feet), and once we get our porch and deck added on, it's all the room we'll ever need.

"Who's reflection is in the pink shorts?"
Monica, my granddaughter.

If there are more questions, I'll edit them in and add them on this entry later.

Why would the quilt go to one of your sister's grandsons instead of to your daughter?  If my daughter or son wanted it, they could have it.  They're neither one pack-rats like I am.  Also, I believe they both have quilts my mom made.  I ask them from time to time if there's anything of mine they want.  This one probably isn't special to anyone else but me.

I love the table beside your bed.  That's the library table my maternal grandfather made for my mom before she was married.  There is something just left of that table thatI can't make out what it is.  LOL.  That's a shadow-box that is supposed to hang on the wall.  It's obviously on the floor, just leaning against the wall, where it's been ever since we moved.  I've almost decided to put it away for awhile and give it a rest.

Our lazy-boys, especially mine, are getting pretty threadbare.  We plan to replace them and also buy an occasional chair or two.  We also need a couple of end-tables.  We just haven't had time to shop.  There are rods for curtains at all the windows; again, no time to shop.  Also, I don't want to block out any light, since that's one thing I really love about the house.


mutualaide said...

Thank you!  I am so glad to know you will pass the quilts and the painting along to the folks who will love to get them.  

starstarj said...

Thanks for the information When I was first married my now ex and I lived in a 12 by 65. I believe at the time they only came in 12 wide.

bnanajm said...

You better believe it, Donna.  I really enjoyed my last visit and look forward to my next.  

Love to you and Cliff

Chiquita Bnana