Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A day of surprises

Ever since we moved back behind the barn, and since Cliff's sister moved into our house, I've spent hours waiting for men to come and see me.

Embarq men.  Dish men.  Mailmen.  UPS men (or ladies); Culligan men.  Since sister-in-law is going to school in the mornings, I waited for her men, as well as my own.

Today it was dry enough for the Embarq contractor to come and run a phone line to our place.  Our very own line.  I was so excited.  No more line strung across the yard.

Also, Sears was coming with my new electric dryer and my dishwasher.  A long time back I said in the blog that the trailer had a dishwasher, but I was wrong.  I guess it was another one we looked at the same day that was so equipped.  However, that had me in the mood for a dishwasher, so we bought a portable one.

I saved all todays dishes so I could use my new dishwasher immediately, as soon as it arrived.

As the Embarq man was running the trencher past the renter's place, a bad thing happened.  He cut through the water line that runs to that trailer.  Since the turnoff no longer works on that part of the line, Cliff turned off the water at the well, which put three households without water.

In the middle of this mess, the truck came with my dryer and dishwasher.  They couldn't get up our driveway because the trencher was in the way.  There I was with a double sink full of dirty dishes, and no water.

That part of the water line is old-style, hard black pipe that is no longer available.  Very few places even carry the fittings, and in order for Cliff to repair it, we had to have fittings.

Cliff decided to make a little lemonade out of the lemons we were being handed and said, "Get ready; we'll go on the motorcycle to look for fittings."

So we had the first motorcycle ride we've taken in at least two weeks.  A short one, but it was a ride.

We first checked with the local plumbing and electrical guy down the road, Bruce.  No luck, but we found out what size we needed, anyhow.  Went to a plumbing place in Odessa.  Nope, that stuff is too outdated.  Last try, Feldman's, a farm-and-garden type store.  Glory be, they had it.  My dishwasher is on its christening run as I type.

It wasn't easy, but Cliff did the repair.  So far, no leaks.

OK, as for the positive things:  I love my soft water, you can't even believe  how much.  Showers are a luxury.  Best $44 a month I could possibly spend.  Dishes practically clean themselves.  Two drops of shampoo is enough to lather up my curly head of hair.

I love, love, LOVE how quiet it is back here.  (Except when a neighbor is standing on my steps cussing me out for killing a rooster I didn't kill, but oh well.)

Two bathrooms.  You can't imagine how great that is when you've always had just one.

An abundance of electrical outlets.  If I want to plug something in, by george, I can do  it.  And usually have a choice of where.

My air conditioning.  No words can say how good it is to come in from mowing the lawn and feel that cool air.

Rooms that are light and bright.  The old house just does not allow enough light in.

I'm sure there's more, but I'll stop now.  Toward the end of what has been a trying day, I wanted to count my blessings.

I feel much better now.


madcobug said...

I am glad that everything turned out right in the end. I know you are enjoying hearing that dishwater, staying cool and getting those good showers. Helen

marainey1 said...

I know you must feel like you are in 7th heaven for sure.  How wonderful it all turned out ok and you are enjoying all those luxuries.  I know there is no doubt in your mind that you made the right decision about buying your new home.  Enjoy those sparling dishes !  'On Ya' - ma

woodmotorsports said...

Chicken Killer!

I missed that part of the story from Kevin. How did you supposably kill the poor bird?

domsmom27 said...

"Standing on my steps cussing me out for killing a rooster"
That has to be the funniest statement I have seen for a while.  I bet that has never been used before in a Journal.
Glad you are happy in yur new home.           Marlene

redpoppy007 said...

I am so happy you love your new home.
You are going to love that dishwasher.

ora4uk said...

LOL...donna...just doesn't get any better than this...huh????  hugs...Ora

countrylady4071 said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your new home and all the luxeries.  I know how happy I was when we got our first dishwasher 10 years ago.  Our central air has felt so good the past 2 weeks with the temps in the high 90's with lots of humidity.  We had to install a water softener too.  We had such hard water.  They are great.  Have a gret night.

magran42 said...

I love hearing all the things you are enjoying.  We all need to stop and think of the things we take for granted but would not like to be without.  We all need to count our blessings.

lanurseprn said...

I'm glad you are so comfortable in your new home. Now...tell us the story about the rooster, ok?

embarqlamont said...

Hello mosie1944,

It sounds like you had a really long day.  I know it must have been frustrating to not have everything go as planned and your water line cut.  I apologize that you had to go through that.  I am happy to hear that everything turned out well.  Please reply to the following email address if you had any additional concerns with your Embarq service.  Thank you for using Embarq, your complete communications solution.

Lamont L.
Embarq Customer Support
For additional support please visit or call 1-877-646-3282
Voice | Data | Internet | Wireless | Entertainment

jawojnar said...

I'm glad everything worked out for you. Now, you must tell the rooster story.

nanlynska said...

You GO girl ! I was getting a little concerned about the 'waiting-for-men' comment.  LOL....I'm so glad I continued reading and found the explanation for it. Sounds like the men are showing up like clockwork !!  

So happy you and Cliff are getting settled in your new DIGS. Sounds like the 'trailer' (as you seem to like to call it) is making your life more comfortable these hectic days. Moving at best is a headache....but the rewards are great !

Take care and blessings to you both.

connie7280 said...

Where oh where are Secret and Meatloaf?  The last we heard they were at the neighbors herd.  We are waiting with our breaths held.  Will Secret become a mother?  Will Meatloaf become meatloaf?  Let us know.    Connie from L.I.

mutualaide said...

There are blessings in every day ... some days we do have to look just a little further for them.  Glad you've got your phone line and a new dishwasher!  I love mine!

bookncoffee said...

I'm loving your list of things you like.  I am that way here with our new house.  It is just such a relief being closer to school, work, and everything is so convenient and abundant.  Space for everything.  Lots of storage.  It's all worked out well.  So glad yours is too.  

siennastarr said...

I'm so glad to hear you are happy with your new home, Donna! :)  The A/C alone is a blessing in itself!!


suzypwr said...

It's just great that you have so many positives in your new home and you didn't really have to "move."