Monday, June 16, 2008

The saga of Secret

Someone asked if Secret was pregnant.  I answered that question in a journal entry some time back.

The fence in the lot nearby... where Secret and Meatloaf were staying until they decided to be runaways... is in sad need of repair.  Secret has learned to crawl through the weak places, further weakening the fence.  We never got Meatloaf home, but the farmer with whose herd he is roaming is not concerned about it.  He said he's causing no problem, and there's plenty for everybody to eat there.

Well, Secret went missing again Thursday, the day before we were to leave for Branson; I retrieved her from the woodlot, but rather than have her escape through the fence again and not be able to return (cows are that stupid... they can't figure out how to re-enter the same way they left) we opened a gate to give her access to the east part of our property where she's been going anyway.  The part that borders the land where Meatloaf has taken up residence.  Because in case she couldn't get across to the farmer's herd, at least she would be able to re-enter the pen where her water is, by way of the open gate.

Upon arriving home yesterday, Secret was gone.  Rena, Cliff's sister, hadn't seen her since Friday.  First we repaired the fence; then we went looking for the cows next door and, hopefully, our cows; but it's a huge property, and we could not locate a single cow.

I called the kind farmer and told him the circumstances.  I told him Secret was probably there with Meatloaf and his herd.

This evening he came to my door and told me he had called his cows up for mineral, and Secret wasn't there.

Since Blue was nearby, I saddled him up figuring to ride our place along the fence-line.  I led him through the first gate into Secret's pen, preparing to mount; I looked up, and there was Secret, grazing as though she'd been here all the time.

I called and left a message for the farmer, to let him know my wandering heifer had appeared.  And I told him if he finds a good opportunity for us to catch Meatloaf, we're ready to bring him home now.

I may call the A.I. man one more time for Secret, but if she doesn't settle then, we'll take her to visit Cliff's brother's whiteface bull.  A bull has all the time, patience and semen it takes to impregnate a heifer.


mutualaide said...

Donna, I'm having a chuckle at your wayward 'kids' and laughing myself silly at your last line.

Oh, to have such time.  

csandhollow said...

So glad she came home.

amy122389 said...

Of course you know I'm chomping at the bit with my wit and sarcasm, but this is a family show, so I won't.  ::giggle::


lanurseprn said...

She's a handful, huh?

breakaway1968 said...

I agree with Pam...sounds like a handful lol  Silly animals!  Gotta  love them!

suzypwr said...

Good luck with Secret - she certainly is a handful!