Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some assembly required

I've turned into quite an assembler lately.

Time was, Cliff got the pleasure of putting things together.  Sometimes he got rather noisy about it, but I was confident he could do it well.  I was equally confident that I could not do the assembly myself.

Then this moving thing started to consume so much of Cliff's time that I decided to try my hand at assembling my new glass-top computer desk.  Cliff was so busy trying to re-locate two households that I honestly felt guilty asking him to do anything. 

Toward the end of the desk-building task I faltered, but my daughter came to my rescue.  Still, I had managed to do a great deal of it alone, and Cliff could apply his valuable time doing other things.

That shelf for my bathroom was my next project.  I'd get frustrated and leave it for twenty-four hours, then come back and try again.  I managed this one with no help from Cliff.  Yes, it took me three days to finish.  Oh, and Cliff did help me put it in place when it was done.

Yesterday this is what I built.  Oh, let me take the cover off and show you:

It's my new fire pit!  Now I'll admit this one was incredibly easy:  All I had to do was screw the handle onto the cover and use two bolts and nuts on each of four legs to attach them.  As you can see, I had a little test fire last night, just to make sure it worked.

Today I may have received my biggest challenge:  I saw this armless chair online, and I thought how nifty it would be to be able to sit in a soft chair and play my guitar.  See, I usually have to sit either on the couch or in a hard kitchen chair; chair arms get in the way of the guitar.  Besides, we needed another chair for the living room.

That's it, in pieces, piled in and around my worn-out Lazy-boy (which I intend to replace one of these days).

Wish me luck.  I'm going in.

*A note to Cliff's younger sister:  If you don't see an entry here, check my blogger site.  I usually try to alternate entries. 


mutualaide said...

Oh Mosie, you are quite the brave girl.  My attempts at assembly usually end up in disaster ... the last project took a week and well, it didn't come out quite right.  I'd love to have the type of brain that just knows assembly.  

Good for you on your many projects!

gen0507 said...

You have done a great job!!!  I especially like your new fire pit!


ora4uk said...

well I can assemble...being an retired Army learn early that Uncle Sam has first dibs on your hubby's time...and like you it would take a while...but I persevered....LOL...and it got done...take a deep breath...have another cup of coffee maybe....????  and go for it...I just know you can do it all...LOL...hugs...Ora

magran42 said...

Good job on the desk.  I assembled a computer desk once (not as complicated as yours).  The problem is that things I assemble tend to fall apart later on.

breakaway1968 said...

Love that fire pit!  good luck with the chair...going to check out the rooster story now ;) I'm curious!  

robinngabster said...

Are you for hire?  You are down right handy girl!!!

randlprysock said...

I love the fire pit and the shelf for the bathroom.  I can't wait to get a firepit someday... Aaron loves to poke the logs.