Thursday, June 19, 2008

I should have taken pictures

What you see in this picture, taken yesterday, is Cliff's first swath going through
the alfalfa and cutting it for the second time this year; ideally alfalfa should be cut at 1/4 bloom.  This had already reached the half-bloom stage.

The problem is, it rains every third day, making it impossible to get your hay cured, raked, baled, and in the barn.  We threw away most of our clover/grass hay last week because it got rained on and ruined.

Yesterday they gave a 40% chance of thundershowers for today, and Cliff simply stuck his neck out and mowed the alfalfa.  Last night the silly weather-guessers said they'd decided it really wasn't likely to rain.  Cool beans!

This morning we awakened to hear the same silly weather-guessers saying there was a 60% chance of severe thunderstorms this afternoon.

Normally alfalfa isn't ready to rake the next day after cutting, but Cliff checked and decided it might be OK.  So he raked it and waited about three hours.  Clouds started gathering.

When he headed to the pasture with the baler, neighbor boys gathered like vultures, anxious to show off their muscles... and play with Rena's four-wheeler.  See, Cliff lets them put up hay with the four-wheeler and a tiny little trailer because they have fun that way.

Unfortunately, that tiny trailer only holds ten bales, and it was taking a long time to get one load from the field to the barn.  It began sprinkling.

Cliff had been in a tizzy about not being able to find a hitch-ball that would fit the bigger trailer hitch so he could go out and pick up substantial quantities of hay bales, but I decided to risk life and limb and go ask him if there was anything I could do.

"I used to have a &*^+%% hitch-ball for every tractor around here; I don't know what the %$&* happened to all of them!"

"Can't you use the pickup to pull a trailer?"  I suggested.

"Yeah, I guess .... hey, there's a hitch-ball on the car!"

He removed said hitchball from the car, put it on a tractor, hooked onto the trailer, and we headed to the hay-field.

Just ask Cliff who brings in the most hay before the rain hits:  half-a-dozen punks with a four-wheeler, or two old fogies (one a non-driver, driving the tractor) who started an hour after the punks had begun.  (Picture me flexing my muscles here.)

The hay was barely in the barn before a torrential downpour began, and it still hasn't let up.  I'd bet we've had at least two inches of rain.  I'll edit this later to verify the amount, once it quits raining.  If it ever does.

Four inches, and still raining at 6:50 P.M.
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rollinghillsides said...

You are soooo danged comical Mosie, I think you should write a book!   I love coming to your journal .. (half-a-dozen punks or two old fogies .. hahaha).  Glad the job got done, and just in time!   Judy

mutualaide said...

Oh, now that's a picture I'd like to see ... you and Cliff against the neighbor punks.  LOL!  

Still raining.  That's a long darned rain.

robinngabster said...

Oh I would have loved to see that!!!!

ora4uk said...

you ARE to far away to be flooded....????  and so glad you were able to get the alfafa or hay in the barn!!!!  and I will have to admit...I am like Cliff...if I know I have it and cannot find it...I explode....sheesh....glad you thought of the car....hugs and God Bless...Ora

jlester961 said...

Do you have the Channel 12 Weather team there too? You should do what I do and use a Magic 8 Ball - it's just as accurate and you can ask it again if you don't like the answer.

geocachelinda66 said...

I hope the hay will be ok.  Not baled up too soon.  Linda

jawojnar said...

It sure must have been a sight to see, LOL. Good job with getting the alfalfa in the barn before the rain.

anna123chachacha said...

The weather has been very frustrating lately. It's fine out most of the day, but the clouds gather the moment the boy gets home from no trips to the park. So I deal with two boys full of too much energy, stuck indoors. Ha!

breakaway1968 said...

Oh my that's a lot of he was thankful for all the kids who helped.  

fowfies said...

I know yall were in a panic to try and get it all done. So glad yall had the help too. We need some rain here, it hasnt rained in over two weeks. The hay looks very green and tasty! :) Kelly

suzypwr said...

Good timing!