Saturday, June 7, 2008

Moving right along

Well, almost three weeks ago we had Secret, my Jersey heifer, artificially inseminated.  Cows cycle every three weeks (minus two days, in Secret's case).

During all our moving hassle, Secret and her buddy, Meat Loaf, escaped through a widened spot in the fence left by mushroom-hunting neighbor boys.  We got Secret home, but Meat Loaf has been gone since May 27; he isn't tame, and we haven't figured out a way to get him.

Yesterday Secret started bawling constantly, and we knew the breeding hadn't settled her (see definition number 8 of "settle").  Without Meat Loaf to climb on, and to climb on her, to distract her, Secret somehow found her way out of the pen she was enclosed in, even though it isn't directly adjacent to the pasture containing the neighbor's cows and bull.

I imagine by now she is very well impregnated by the Angus bull, and truthfully, that's fine with me.  Cliff has to mow hay today, but I think I'll make our second priority to call the farmer who owns that herd and see what we can do to get our two wanderers home.  He's been very patient, but enough is enough.

Priorities are a big thing around here lately, with so many dozens of things that need doing.  Cliff ordered the skirting for our home, so that will get some things started.  Rena would like a clothesline so she won't always have to use the dryer; that might get done this weekend too.  Maybe.

Oh, by the way.  I did that entry yesterday about how well Sadie and Angel get along: well, that was at my house.  I took Sadie over there to visit with Rena, and Angel turned into a devil, seriously.  Can you believe that Sadie was terrified of her?

Turns out Angel has never had a dog visit her in her own home.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it already, but Cliff found his shoes.  I thought I remembered getting them from our old closet and carrying them here, but that must have been my own sneakers (there's surprisingly little difference in the sizes, I'm ashamed to say).  Cliff found his own lost shoes in the motorcycle trailer where he'd put them before an extended trip in case his biker boots became uncomfortable.  Now the only items I've failed to find are our phone chargers, and that isn't a real problem now.  They'll probably show up in the next few months.


madcobug said...

I hope you can get Secret and Meatloaf home soon. Hopefully if Secret follows you then Meatloaf will follow her. Those boys really played havok with the fence. Maybe Cliff can get a lot of work done today. Helen

dvscommercial said...

If you have heat like ours you'd both better beware!

lanurseprn said...

I hope you get your wanderers home soon. With as much land as you have it amazes me that they'd find an opening in the fence and leave your farm. Clever little devils, huh?

breakaway1968 said...

Well, you just found a new FREE way to impregnate her! :D  Opps she got lose AGAIN! lol  That is funny how the little doggie turned into the devil...I guess she didn't want anyone in HER area. Its so fun learning about cows.  I seriously want one.  Can a person only have one? Or will she get lonley?  

mutualaide said...

Well, that little Secret and Meatloaf are the buggers, aren't they?  

marainey1 said...

It sounds like you are doing great and are much more organized than I for sure.  We'll be waiting to here when the new baby Secret is due.  Hope you get them home soon.  'On Ya' - ma