Monday, June 2, 2008

moving Cliff's sister

Cliff and his brothers left for Wisconsin Friday morning around 8 A.M. They arrived at their destination twelve hours later, loaded up all Rena's stuff, and headed right home with no sleep.  It was not an uneventful trip home, but the story of the road trip will be better told by Cliff, if I can pin him down long enough to tell it.  Let's just say things did not go smoothly.

Rena, of course, is not only physically, but emotionally exhausted.  She has fine furniture, and she left behind a nice house.  Our old two-story house is not so nice.  Her huge bed takes up most of the bedroom Cliff and I shared for over thirty years.  There's really no place for her exercise equipment and tanning bed.

However, it's a port in a storm.  It's a place for her to camp out while she gets her GED and looks for a job.  Once the divorce is final, she'll have funds to go house-hunting if she so desires... and she most likely will so desire. 

Oh, if you wonder why we didn't just take the furniture into the house instead of piling it in the shop, it's because Cliff's brother Don still had four hours to drive, and that was the quickest way of getting stuff unloaded so he could leave.


madcobug said...

I don't see any pictures from my computer. Glad that they made it home safely. Helen

robinngabster said...

WOW, look at how skinny you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   With a tanning bed and all that exercise equipment I was picturing the sister to be like 29 years old.  Those men worked HARD!!

mutualaide said...

Enjoyed flipping through the pictures Mosie.  You folks did have a busy day.  Many hands make light work, but I'm not always sure that's the case.  ;)

magran42 said...

Seems to me someone was just waiting for that car to round the corner ??
Cliff's sister is fortunate to have such hard working, good looking brothers.  Hope they can sleep for at least 24 hours now that the deed is done.

lanurseprn said...

WOW you look GREAT Mosie!! You are so thin!  I suspect with living on the farm, Rena won't need any exercise equipment. Just take a look at YOUR figure!

Glad that they move went ok. Those guys probably passed out after all of that! You are very nice to let her use your home. She's very blessed.

sugarsweet056 said...

Gee, you & Cliff both look great!
Glad they're home safe.

siennastarr said...

You certainly have a way with the wording on your pictures, Donna!  I felt like I was there!  Good to hear the men are safely back home, with Rena, and all is well, for now.  
Can't wait to hear Cliff's story about the move!!


nanlynska said...

WOW what 'troopers' those brothers are ! Glad they are home safe and sound. Moving at BEST is grueling !!!  LOL.

Cliff probably feels like he's been on a moving marathon. You too....for that matter. Well at least the end is in sight.

ryanagi said...

Wow...that made me tired just flipping through the photos. It also reminded me that I'm not in near good enough shape to pack this place and move. We'll probably live here forever. LOL  

Oh! Your SIL has a sleep number bed?  Does she think it was worth the money? Did it help? Is there really a big difference between it and a regular mattress?

fowfies said...

I dont see how Cliff and them do it. Ian talks about when we get to be 60 he isnt moving furniture anymore, he says he will be too old. I know they all had to be worn slap out after all that work. Sore too, I bet. I went through and caught up on all the goings on with the new house. Sounds like everything is coming right along. Now that guy was going to overcharge you for moving the house, but he couldnt remember what he was going to you got a fair deal out of it I reckon. ;) Kelly

msecz said...

I got tired just watching and thinking about it all... hope it all works out well for her

amy122389 said...

awww....Angel is a cutie!!!  Somebody for Sadie to play with?

A sleep number bed?!  Oh, the bliss!


karlaellen said...

Hope every one is rested up from all that work and no sleep.

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Karla~ WA

breakaway1968 said...

WISCONSIN!?  Were they warm enough! lol  Hope it wasn't to bad of a trip for them.  

plieck30 said...

Oh I should have read this first. Now I know Cliff's sister doesn't plan to stay in your house forever. Maybe it will be nice to be near you until she gets adjusted. Paula

pchilcoat1 said...

Tell Cliff he can mow my hard...we've had so much rain also,that I can't mow the lawn either...and it will be hay eventually.