Sunday, October 7, 2007

for mechanically-minded men

Probably you ladies won't have much interest in this entry, but if you have grease-monkey, tractor-loving husbands, drag them over here and show them the pictures.

We trailered the motorcycle down to southeast Kansas so we could ride with Cliff's brother, who recently acquired a Harley.  Of course, Cliff always has to look over all the tractors and things that Don is repairing in his shop.  This huge engine was an object of curiosity to Cliff.


magran42 said...

CY said this motor is totaly destroyed so be sure and update as you get reports.  We had a hired man run a piece of equipment after the drive shaft came cost $20,000.00

lanurseprn said...

OK..I only know a little about motors from having a boyfriend who rebuilt cars...but even I can tell that's a major fix! LOL!
Cliff sure loves his tractors! Have a good night.

randlprysock said...

My hubby loves tractors and stuff.... I will have to show him this entry!!  I am so behind on alerts but still thinking of you all the time!! Have a great week!

mutualaide said...

I'm no grease monkey and hubby isn't either, but, I like looking at items and reading about something I don't know about.  Helps build knowledge and keep the brain cells working.  ;)

ora4uk said...

No cannot say I was impressed with the tractor parts LOL...but bet the tractor will be a beauty when he is finished????  hope so...hugs from Ora