Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our weekend at a golf resort

Just before we arrived at our "home away from home", we stopped at this scenic overlook.  That's Branson down there behind us.

We enjoyed staying at the condo so much!  There was a television in each bedroom and one, of course, in the living room.  Monica and Natalie slept in the living room, on a couch that made into a queen bed.  We gave Amber her own bedroom... seniority, after all, has its rewards.  And she IS our oldest granddaughter!

She helped out a lot with the dishes.  I had no idea how to operate the dishwasher, and would probably have plugged it up with garbage, without her guidance.

The younger granddaughters tend to get on Amber's nerves; I told her to consider it "birth control" for her future.  And no, the little girls weren't bad at all.  They behaved themselves very well.   Some folks just don't deal with kids as well as others, and Amber is one of those folks. 

More to come.


tendernoggle said...

I am so glad that you guys enjoyed yourselves...Branson was one of the palces that danny and I were suppose to I am glad you and Cliff got to.
love ya,

gen0507 said...

I bet Amber is glad that she is the oldest because of it's advantages.  Loved the picture.  Ya'lls condo looks very nice.


toonguykc said...

Love the birth control may have done her a very big favor with that!


bookncoffee said...

Loved the pics of the condo.  Very nice.  The older granddaughter thinks herself more grown up I'm sure.  I remember those days.  My sister was 10 years younger than me.  She always got on my nerves.  But now it is no longer that way.  I treasure her so much. They'll grow out of that before long.

magran42 said...

What a wonderful get-a-way.  The golf course looks so calming...all that pretty green grass.  I liked the idea ..birth control for the future... GOOD POINT!

helmswondermom said...

Well, if she's not used to having younger ones around, I guess that could be pretty stressful!  I like your suggestion of using it as birth-control! lol

monponsett said...

never ever ever move near a golf course.

suzypwr said...

Glad no one's eyes got put out with an errant golf ball, lol!