Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Assignment #188: Pet Weirdness

Since John Scalzi gave us an extension on this assignment, I decided to join in.

Weekend Assignment #188: What is the most unusual thing you've ever done with (or to) a family pet?  Even if you've never taped breakfast meat onto fur, there's a good chance you and your fuzzy, feathery or scaly friend have done something out of the ordinary together at some point.  What was it?  Staging some fun (but humane) activity for this assignment works, too.

We butchered my beloved milk cow a few years ago (yes, around here, milk cows are pets).  See, she developed chronic mastitis, which meant her milk wasn't really fit for human consumption any more; her udder was sick, but the rest of her body was just fine. 

We could have shipped her to an auction where she would have been made into hamburger for some of you carnivorous readers out there, but we decided to spare her the fright of being hauled to a strange place, and the discomfort of being forced into an auction pen and then being shipped to some brutal facility where she might have had to die a painful death.  Cliff killed her so quickly and painlessly that she never knew what happened.  And our freezer was then full of good-quality ground beef.

Not only did we do this dreadful deed, but we'll repeat it in a year or so with Meatloaf the steer.

Extra credit: What's your most unusual picture of a family pet?  May we see it?

As I said, on this place, cows qualify as pets.  In the background of this picture, you see the above-mentioned Meatloaf indicating to us that Secret is in heat.  Meatloaf obviously forgot that he's a steer (neutered, for you city folks who don't know what a steer is).

How's that for unusual, John Scalzi


fowfies said...

He he...seems like Meatloaf is just doing it for fun now...

gen0507 said...

Oh my.  Nice motorcycle.

ickivic said...

This picture is hilarious, did you realize what was going on when you snapped the picture of the motorcycle?  If there is a prize for this contest, you win, hands down.  Vicki

mutualaide said...

Good entry.  LOL  

monponsett said...

Merci... I never actually knew what "steer" meant, although I knew it was bovine-related.

"All texas has are queers and wanna f*** me, boy?" I forget he film... I'm thinking "Full Metal Jacket"...but I may be wrong.

monponsett said...

I'm crazier than you are, by a country mile....but today, have disturbed me.

loopymamain06 said...

oh my! I just looked at the cycle, then looked at the comments, then looked at the background!
ya got me

mavarin said...

...! (Speechless) - Karen

suzypwr said...

Can't a guy get a little privacy alone with his girl, lol?