Sunday, October 14, 2007

Watch Secret and Meatloaf running to get their dinner

The Calves, eating

Secret usually comes running from wherever she is as soon as I shake the feed can at her.  However, since we've been getting rain lately to make the grass green and tender, she isn't in so much of a hurry.  Also, Meatloaf is usually right behind her when she comes running, but today he lost sight of her for a while.

Pay no attention to the trendy way I'm dressed here.  I had my boots on because I was getting ready to work with Libby.  The Lee jeans won't go on the outside of my jeans; Cliff would say, "You look like an 'Arkansawyer' with your jeans inside your boots."  (No offense, Lona.)  And I think the fanny pack around my waist really sets the whole outfit off.  Stay on the cutting edge of fashion, that's my motto.

Some of you might recall my neighbor's house burning in December of 2005.  He's in the process of building a much bigger one now, and you can see that in the background in this movie.  It's going to have five bedrooms and five bathrooms.


ora4uk said...

well guess your neighbor believes if one bath goes out...always nice to have an extra LOLOL....a bit much for me...I hate cleaning bathrooms...and so do most folks I know LOL...and my kids would rather take a beating then clean one...LOL...oh each his own...and that Secret and Meatloaf (love those names) are precious...if I had the property...makes me wanna go shopping at the stockyards LOLOL...hugs...Ora

lanurseprn said...

I enjoyed this video! The calves are so cute! I have to admit...I'm gonna hate it when meatloaf becomes a meatloaf LOL!

mutualaide said...

Time for some 'boot cut' jeans!  LOL

Oh gosh, I giggled through the movie.  Enjoyable!!!

madcobug said...

I like that one. Those two have really become attached to one another. You make me think of the way I used to dress on the farm. Helen

plieck30 said...

Yep those animals aren't as crazy about us humans when the grass is greener on the other side. I'm glad your neighbors are getting a new house. I think a fire is the most devastating thing people could have happen. Paula

geocachelinda66 said...

The calves look great, they are getting big!  Linda

amy122389 said...

5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms?!  Be still my heart!  :-D

I gotta say....I'm in love with's so emotionally needy.


fierrorachel said...

All this talk of fashion, and you didn't mention Monica's pajama pants?  The same ones she wore the whole previous day?  The same ones that stayed on until I forced the idea of a shower after NOON today?  You've missed the best fashion in the video. (glad the camera was pointing AWAY from me!)

siennastarr said...

LOL  I just sat here smiling through that whole video!!  Secret is precious, and I loved the way she came bounding through that fence with her bell clanging.  Right around the corner comes MeatLoaf... a little slow, and then wammm... he takes off!  Loved this!  Made me smile! :)


jspiker said...

Great Video....thanks for sharing life down on the farm.
I really like reading the journal.

mawmellow said...

After the "look like an Arkansawyer" comment I'm sure glad I ONLY live here and I'm not a native !!! LOL .... loved it !! Thanks to Cliff for that laugh today :)

gen0507 said...

Hey Mosie
I loved the video.  I love COWS...I've got them all in my kitchen.  That video made me want to rush right out & buy me a real one.  If only I had the place to put one.  Thanks for sharing your's with me.



suzypwr said...

They are so cute :-). I liked watching them run!