Monday, October 22, 2007

meeting up with a long-time friend

My friend Lona happened to be in Branson with granddaughters at the same time as we were, so a meeting was planned on Saturday.  We somehow got lost in traffic and arrived at the destination late, but all's well that ends well.  Thank goodness for cell phones.

Cliff, Lona, and I had a great little chat.  Lona has had serious health issues over the past several months, so we were surprised to see her looking lively and well, the only change being that she's shed quite a lot of weight.

My two youngest granddaughters took off shopping with Lona's great-granddaughter while we visited.

That's my granddaughter, Natalie, on the left, and Elise on the right.  They're the same age, can you believe it?  Oh, the blur in the background is my granddaughter Monica.

Lona loves to travel.  When her husband was still living, they went to Hawaii at least once a year.  She worked for a travel agent, and was able to find some great deals.  Since Don passed away, she goes on trips with various friends. 

She's spent time in Florida with a couple of other widows, the last two winters; and they're planning to go there again this year.

I'm sure those travel plans, plus Lona's brush with death last year, were the inspiration for the strange dream she told us about:

In the dream, Lona told us, she was driving to Florida.  Her two buddies, Lorraine and Betsy, were in the car with her; Betsy was in the front seat beside Lona.  The peculiar thing here is that Lona was dead; but she was driving, and could see the road just fine.  Her traveling companions could hear her, but they couldn't see her.  Betsy, the more reserved of the two (having been a minister's wife) kept saying, "This makes me very nervous."

We had to laugh with Lona at the peculiar circumstances of her dream.  I was reminded of an old song, "Texas When I Die", one of Tanya Tucker's hits:

" When I die I may not go to heaven
I don't know if they let cowboys in.
If they don't just let me go to Texas, Boy!
Texas is as close as I've been."

Of course, you'd have to change the word "cowboys" to globetrotters.  And the word "Texas" to Florida.

Reminds me of a dream I had repeatedly when I was a teenager, and I've heard others tell of having the same dream:  I'd get on the school bus, get all the way to school and go into my classroom.  As I sat down at my desk, I's suddenly realize I was naked, and blush with shame.  Then I'd wake up.

As if nobody would point out to me at the bus stop that I was naked.   And as if the bus driver would let me on the bus!

According to THIS INTERPRETATION, my dream means I'm hiding a secret that I don't want to be found out.  I don't recall having any secrets back then.  But who knows.


magran42 said...

Lona is looking good!  Glad she is better.  May she have many many more years of traveling.

lonamay said...

It was just wonderful to be together again... Elise enjoyed being with your girls too.. All is back to normal here.. but cold..... Just took the dog out and what a difference a day can make... Give the girls my love...

fowfies said...

Nice to see old friends now and again. Glad she is feeling good and getting out and travelling. Y'all look happy sitting there visiting. :)

gen0507 said...

I'm so glad that you got to visit your friend Lona.  She looks well.  I know the grandkids enjoyed themselves also.

siennastarr said...

I've read that it's also a sign of feeling vulnerable and a fear of being exposed.  Something like that.  

I read all your past entries, and it seems as if you've had a good time with your 3 granddaughters and meeting up with Lona.. :)

I shall read on..


mutualaide said...

I'm liking that dream on Lona's.  Quite humorous ... lol.  Never had the naked dream but I did have the being followed nightmare!

suzypwr said...

What a great thing that you were able to hook up with Lona and also have so many grandchildren to meet up too! I hope Lona feels better - she seems to be a very nice lady.