Friday, October 12, 2007

perfect days

This autumn weather is unbelievable.  After a scorcher of a summer, the nights are now in the thirties and forties (perfect for sleeping or snuggling), and daytime temperatures are in the sixties and seventies... crisp and sunshiny!  We've had two inches of rain in the past couple weeks, so the grass is green again.

Any time of day is perfect, now, for a horseback ride along the river. 

Although it's too cool to spend a night at the cabin, Sadie and I often go back there in the afternoons for a game of frisbee.

Yesterday we explored the steep bank below my cabin in search of two Frisbees that have been lost in the treetops in the past several months; I confess that I don't throw accurately, and the wind has a way of catching those expensive "superdiscs" I use and taking them skyward. 

Sadie discovered the den of some wild creature.

"Anybody home?"

I've been spending considerable time with the horses.  I get on Libby for short periods of time.  Because I'm a bit of a coward, when she tries to go faster than I want to, or if she lays back her ears, it makes me nervous.  Yesterday I saddled her and ponied her beside Blue, then rode for  a  few minutes.  When the grandson got home from work, we rode together out in the pasture, me on Blue and Arick on Libby.  He isn't scared by her little assertive  tactics; besides, he thinks it's funny when a horse bucks him off.  We kept the session short, because Libby is young and not very big.  It was her first real "ride", and all things considered, she's doing well.  She seems to take naturally to neck reining, and she understands "whoa".  The only time she really objected to anything, with the grandson, was when he would urge her into her gait:  then she'd lay back those ears. 

It's exciting to see her coming along.


cyandfayedavis said...

Youth is afraid of nothing!  They just don't know how much a fall would hurt.  

geocachelinda66 said...

Glad its cooling off there and Libby is doing good.. Linda

dbaumgartner said...

Just lovely!  Fall is a perfect time of year.


mutualaide said...

Perfect fall weather and fall activities too.  Love the sun -- not the heat.  :)

marainey1 said...

I loved all the pictures and always enjoy your rides .  It's cold here in the 40's and is supposed to rain most of the day.  'On Ya' - ma

madcobug said...

Looks like Sadie is having a good time checking out the critter den. This is great weather only no rain yet but the nights and days are cooler. Last night was the coolest yet with 45º, today will be mid 70's where it has been being mid 80's for the last few weeks. Glad Libby is taking to the training well. Helen

lmitc89854 said...

Envy you! Love Branson!  Maybe I'll go during the Christmas season. (Before everything closes!)

grahamfarmga said...

Great pictures it looks like a fun day

ora4uk said...

a little rain...some lower temps...some cuddling...sure does the spirit a bundle of good LOLOL...hugs to ya...Ora

lanurseprn said...

Arick is braver than I am! I would be afraid to get on Libby.
Enjoyed your pictures. I almost expected some animal to come out of that den and nip Sadie on the nose! LOL!
Glad you had fun.

countrylady4071 said...

Sadie is so pretty.  I'm glad you had a nice day with your horses and of course with Sadie.  I love all dogs!!  I hope you and Cliff have a nice weekend.  Enjoy this beautiful weather.

randlprysock said...

Such lovely land you have there!!!  I want a horse!!

plieck30 said...

I could use your day time temps but the 30's are a little cool for me. Sadie looks so cute with her head in that hole. Looks like she is determinded to find out who live there. Paula

fowfies said...

Wow you are getting some pretty cool temps at night. I think we dipped down below 50 a couple of times last week, but it is getting warmer again. Still, there is not much humidity so it doesnt feel that bad. That Sadie, she always has a smile on her face doesnt she? She is just a happy dog. Always having fun. :)

suzypwr said...

I already miss the heat, lol! Your dog is really cute and I guess the cooler weather is better for riding horses, but can't we keep it where it is now?


bookncoffee said...

Wow...reading your entry from 10/ hasn't been near that cold here at nights.  LOL
And seeing your pictures of the woods make my chiggers itch.  They have been calamined, fingernail polished, doused with some kind of itch cream from work, and peroxided...LOL  I can't seem to kill the buggers.  I refuse to put kerosene on them.  LOL