Wednesday, October 4, 2006

What're YOU looking at?

Cliff and I found this trio watching us when we took our morning walk.  I'm learning to keep my camera with me when we get our exercise!


magran42 said...

Very good idea...I keep mine with me most of the time.  You, with all that you do, never know when you might be able to show us things we won't otherwise see.

astaryth said...

So funny! I know what you mean, I -don't- always have a camera with me when I go to feed, and I miss so many good shots because of it. I need to take at least my old camera with me more. The new SLR is more of a 'planned' photo type beast. I keep missing chances to get pics of the red-tailed hawk we have flying around here, and yesterday out feeding my friends horses (she's out of town), I missed getting pics of wild turkeys and this morning Geese flying over head. <sigh>

pinkroseal said...

  these horses are Beautful~  God s creation for certain.
  Glad you shared this picture.  total AWESOME~
  Pink in MN

jspiker said...

Beautiful Picture !!

midwestvintage said...

 Love the horses.