Saturday, October 21, 2006

So, why haven't I posted an entry?

It's been a dreary, rainy day.  It has rained so constantly today that Cliff and I never did get to take our half-hour walk; we did our twenty minutes of calisthenics and weights, though.  We've received more than an inch of rain, slow and steady.  Anyhow, the weather has me in a funk; and I have very little to blog about.

Yesterday, Cliff and I drove thirty miles to look at a yearling Foxtrotter filly.  She was gentle, and broke to lead, the same color as Blue (bay).  If they'd have come off the price just $25, she'd be mine.  I had promised myself I wouldn't pay more than $150.  Besides, there wasn't really any proof that she was 100% Foxtrotter.  Cliff was proud of me; he figured if we went and looked, I'd want her.

You see, I don't want to pay a lot for a young horse, because I'm no horse-trainer; and if a colt didn't work out, I wouldn't want to lose a lot of money when I sold it.

There's a bill going to Congress to end horse slaughter (that link, by the way, is for the bill; I am against it).  If this happens, people are going to be giving horses away; they're already at rock-bottom prices.  Personally, I see no difference in slaughtering horses as compared to cows or pigs.  They're all animals, and the same methods are used to slaughter them (remember this next time you eat a hamburger).  This doesn't mean I'd allow Blue to go to slaughter, mind you.  But horses are better off being slaughtered than to be starved and neglected by people who don't care about them, as many will be if this bill passes.

So there you have it, my entry-done-in-a-rainy-day-funk.

I'm sure I'll be back to myself tomorrow.



siennastarr said...

I wish it would cool off and rain here!  It was 90 degrees today.  Ridiculous!  It's supposed to be October for crying out loud!


madcobug said...

I realize eating horse meat is basically not any different from eating cattle meat but I really dont think I could do that. If I didn't know the difference though I might not could tell LOL. Hope the sun comes out soon up your way. Helen

plieck30 said...

Spoken like a true country woman. Since they divided property out our way and sold small tracts people want to be ranchers etc. Buy a few animals, get tired of them and there they are skinny as a rail. Paula

trishaham said...

Oh my goodness. Did this entry bring back a memory. When I was maybe 12yrs. old, My mother made a delicious Beef stew. When she was not around the kitchen, I was sneaking pieces of beef from the stew, like I always did. Well we had it for supper that Saturday night and it was so good! That is, until she told us it was Horse Meat. I was horrified! After that I never ate meat at home unless I saw the wrappings from the grocery store with the name of the cut of beef. If it came from the local butcher I went without. I had forgotten all about that.

Anyway, I hope you have a SUNSHINY day tomorrow.


toonguykc said...

Yeah.  You sound kinda 'rainy, miserable, cold midwestern' right now.  I get that.  In spades.  Just don't vote for Jim Talent or it will get worse!!  I guess I am kidding.


bnanajm said...

Reminds me of my last trip to Russia.  We stopped at a place advertising "American Food".  I ordered a cheeseburger and fries and dove in, head first.  One of my team mates looked at me and said "Feeling brave today, are you?" and of course, I asked "Wadda ya mean"?  She said most Russian burgers were 'mystery meat' and no doubt, I was eating horse.  GULP!!

I finished my fries and then had a HUGE dessert.  That was the last time I ate a burger in Russia.

marainey1 said...

I do know what you's been raining here too.  We got a little repreive yesterday, but today it's back and at it.  Sometimes it's hard to make our own sunshine.  One thing that perks me up is all of you in J-land.  I love my computer and it helps to pass many dreary hours.  Hope you find a smile or two to brighten up your day !

***BIG SMILE***  

'On Ya' - ma

csandhollow said...

I don't like the horse slaughter , but I would rather they be killed for meat than allowed to starve to death. At one time in history I am sure horses were just that, meat.

rebuketheworld said...

I didnt know horses were slaughtered?...Is this the same thing as putting cats or dogs to sleep becuase they're ill?...never heard of that....-Raven