Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I never claimed to be high-tech

Lately, I've been tortured by an alarm clock-radio.

The tale of woe starts with the fact that, since I quit work, I've forgotten how to use the settings on my alarm clock.

For some reason, I recently set it to wake me up at 4:30 AM, although I can't imagine what was that important (memory is the third thing to go).

I'm often awake by that time anyhow; but something was evidently of such significance that I didn't feel I should trust my internal clock.  I really wish I knew what it was.

Surely the clock woke me on time that day; I'd remember missing a really important appointment or event, wouldn't I?  I imagine I slapped the thing off before the "beeps" got too loud.

But I've forgotten how to get rid of the alarm setting.  So for days on end, the clock started beeping at 4:30.  I punched every button on it.  I hunted for the instructions that came with the radio, to no avail.  Finally, in desperation, I changed the wakeup time to 6:30, figuring at least I'd be wide awake and could slap the thing off before it woke Cliff.

Yeah, right. 

When I get up in the morning, I gently close the bedroom door so I won't disturb Cliff, who usually sleeps until 8 or so (he's a second-shift worker).  Which means I'd be at the computer surfing away when I'd hear my poor husband moaning and groaning as he struggled to reach for the evil alarm clock.  Please don't ask me why I hadn't just set the alarm for 8.  I don't have a clue.

All I could think to do to stop the problem was unplug the clock; that way I'd have to re-set the time when I plugged it back in, but the alarm would no longer be set.  I pulled the plug and went to sleep content that night, confident that I had solved the problem.

I forgot about the backup battery.

Although the clock-radio was dark, no numbers lighting its face, it was waiting to get us; and at 6:30 I heard that faint "beep-beep-beep" getting gradually louder.  By the time I ran in to shut it off, Cliff was awake.

It's OK now.  I removed the battery, set the clock for the proper time, and put it back in its spot beside the bed.  I just hope I never need to set an alarm for anything again:  I can't take the stress!



lacaza3 said...

your so funny...crazy alarms....just take it into the field and shoot the damn thing lol
Donna In TEXAS

lahdee said...

LOL Me and James have different alarm clocks because he gets up at 2 and I get up at 5. If we used the 2 alarms on one clock I know I'd be flipping off the alarm for 5 at 2am.  My clock is complex. lol

plieck30 said...

Thats how I fix things just unplug 'em. Funny entry, Paula

madcobug said...

I bet that was an irritating thing. It would get to me also. Helen

tpiez4me said...

You have a possessed alarm is out to get you!!!!!!!!!

trishaham said...

Boy that sounds like something I would do.


skisseberth said...

WOW, Donna, that looks like the same kind of clock I have.  If it is, just push the far back left button, then the bigger one right in front of it.  You can tell that the alarm is off because the little green light on the bottom right of the clock face will disappear.  Hope this helps - it sure does look like mine does in your picture.
Good luck !

bnanajm said...


And I thought it was only me........................

marainey1 said...

That was too funny !  I needed a chuckle and you provided one !!!  I on the other hand am a slave to that little beep beep every morning !  And yes , it does have the battery backup !  You are so blessed not to need one !  'On Ya' - ma

fmgruber said...

Just simply alarming! LMHO!

tendernoggle said...

LOL!!! Poor Mosie!!!!
love ya,

cyandfayedavis said...

It's funny how something simple can stress us out!  LOL

fierrorachel said...

Silly Mom!  Next time, ask your granddaughters to help.  They set all of the alarm clocks in this house with no problem.  I still can't work any of them (other than my own), but they tell me how to work theirs!

siennastarr said...

ROFL!  Only you could tell a story about an alarm clock and make it funny!!  


salemslot9 said...

to change anything on our clock
I have to insert a wooden chopstick
I don't know how I thought of this
it works, though :)

rebuketheworld said...

OH MY GOSH..go ballistic...and throw it against the walll...I would...I would also go buy another one that is easier...they have these alarm clocks that wake up with the sounds of nature...and starts off quiet and slowly gets louder.....WAking up to that obnoxious ring ring...totally startles the day....It may cost about 50 bucks...but you will wake up in more of the surreal than being startled..


randlprysock said...

I'm not too good with alarm clocks either... and the worst is that I have to set three of them to wake up sometimes.  I tend to sleep very deeply.  Hugs,