Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Our motorcycle trip to the Ozarks

Cliff and I had discussed taking a road trip to the Branson area, but it all depended on getting the hay in... and of course, on the weather. 

The hay was put up by Friday evening (Cliff had spoken for a vacation day Friday, and another one for Monday).  So Saturday morning we took Sadie to the veteranarian's office for boarding, came back home, and left on the motorcycle.

Osceola is almost half-way to Branson, and we were ready for lunch.  So we stopped at the cheese place, ate our fill of samples, and bought a couple packages of tasty, albeit over-priced, cheese.  Cliff chose sharp cheddar; my pick was a delightful smoky habanero, which set me  back $3.69 for less than a half-pound.  Oh, but it's SO good.  And hot.  I sat on the curb to eat my lunch.  Cliff stood because after all, he said, he'd been sitting for two hours.  Then we went back inside the cheese place for small ice cream cones.

We didn't stay in Branson proper this time, since we didn't plan to do any of the music shows or other tourist traps on the "76 Strip".  We went to Kimberling City, where there's a wide choice of lakeside resorts; all of them offer their off-season rates now.

The first one, Edgewater Villa, really impressed me, and if we'd had others with us or had planned to go fishing, that's where we would have stayed.  With tax, it would have been $62 a night.  The cabins were light and bright, with spotless kitchens.  I took one of their cards, because under the right circumstances, it will be the place of choice.

Then I asked the lady there how to find Cedarwood Resort, which I'd discovered on the Internet, and knew to be cheaper.  She was kind enough to draw us a map, and we drove right to it.

When the owner there showed us a cabin, we could immediately see why this place was cheaper.  It must be at least fifty years old, and the rooms were rather dark because of the paneling.  However, it was as clean as the other place, and it did save us $24 over the course of two nights.  (Can you tell this trip was done on a budget?)  We've decided we much prefer resorts to motels, when given the choice.  We like preparing our own meals most of the time, even though that often consists nothing more than a salad.  Dishes, utensils, pots and pans were all provided.

We hope to take some grandchildren down sometime, perhaps rent a pontoon boat, and do some fishing and swimming.  Ideally we'd go with both our children and all our grandchildren, but with my son in far away in Georgia and everybody so tied-up to their jobs, I don't see that happening. 


cyandfayedavis said...

It can happen....If we did that one time with 5 children and (at that time) 17 grandchildren plus 3 step grandchildren anyone can.  We went about 400 miles from home and had 3 boats for fishing.  The fact that we haven't done it since might tell you something. LOL    I might call upon you someday to be my travel agent.

madcobug said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. That lake sure is pretty. Helen

siennastarr said...

I loved your pictures!  :)  Habonero cheese?  You are a brave soul!  Those are the hottest peppers there are!  I love to make salsa using those.  HOT!  Very HOT, but, oh so good!

You are so skinny, Donna!  Looking at you sitting there on the curb.. you have the body of a teenager!  Go you! :)  All that good food and walking has done wonders for both you and Cliff!

Glad you guys had a nice time on your spur of the moment trip! :)


csandhollow said...

all are both looking so good. I swear you are looking younger. Maybe because the stress is getting smaller! I know some of it is due to the fact that both of you are looking smaller!

bnanajm said...

Love that shirt Cliff's wearing.....  :o)

ajoleblon said...

sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Very nice pictures.

jlester961 said...

I can't believe you stayed at Table Rock Lake! I LOVE that place. We stayed there years ago in a cabin by the edge of the lake in Reeds Spring. We went with the kids and had Thanksgiving down there. We went to Silver Dollar City - and YES I know it's a tourist trap, but if you are a tourist it's a wonderful place to be, especially after the christmas decorations are lit the night after Thanksgiving. We went to the Bass Pro in Springfield, the zoo, Talking Rock Caverns (which incidently is the last time you 'll find me underground....). Gosh Donna, sometimes I really envy you, you're so lucky to live in Missouri, I wish I did.

rebuketheworld said...

Can I go hang out on that bench with a glass of Merlot? Loved the photos...I would prefer a place without room service....I hate too cook but rarely is the food worth the price....or the amounts are like snacks.lol


randlprysock said...

I would love to go to the Ozarks!!!  I am a big "Little House" fan and Laura and her husband lived there.  Some day I know I will go there!!  Thanks for sharing.  Hugs,