Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Sunday in Arkansas

The Crescent Hotel was built in 1886, and you can still stay there for one night or several.  Old as it is, it still feels quite luxurious.

Click HERE to read about St. Elizabeth Catholic Church.  That's the most information I could find online.

More to come; we didn't even skim the surface of things to see in Eureka Springs.


fmgruber said...

Hey Good Lookin':
I been reading you. Been so busy, so tired, so pained to proper congratulate you all your pleasures. So for now until more likely the snow falls, keep a tight line. };?))

magran42 said...

Great interesting pictures as usual!  I'd like to do one of those packages at the Crescent Hotel if we ever get out that way.  

jswarford1964 said...

I love Eureka Springs! Though it would be a bit irritating to live there; both in winter, during ice and snow, and during the tourist season.
The Crescent is supposed to be haunted; I never sensed anything, myself, but never stayed for more than drinks and dinner. A friend once said, "Eureka is a wonderful place to visit, just don't spend the night. . ."
Having ignored that bit of advice once, I won't do it again! But I sure like to visit, and St. Elizabeth's is truly a beautiful gem.

bnanajm said...

Once again, your pictures allowed me to join you on this part of your trip.