Sunday, October 8, 2006

A tag from Mel:

I AM: a loner
I WANT: to be debt free
I HAVE: the most wonderful grandchildren.
I WISH: I had been a better mother.
I HATE: politics.
I MISS: my Jersey cows
I HEAR: folk songs that say what I feel.
I WONDER: why children have to suffer. 

I REGRET:  nothing, because I know each decision you make leads you to where you are now
I AM NOT: very good interacting with people.
I DANCE: Only at my cabin.
I SING: often.
I CRY: seldom, but I have never cried as hard as I did when my dog, Mandy, died.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as heartless as I may seem.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: meals for those I love.
I WRITE: my feelings, whether in blog or rhyme.
I CONFUSE: almost everybody
I NEED: to know somebody knows I am here.
I SHOULD: be a much better Christian than I am.
I START: reading the Bible through, every year.
I FINISH: cooking meals that I’ve started, and very little else.

If you want to do this tag, do it. 


tendernoggle said...


rebuketheworld said...

I'm a loner too...want to be debt free...hate to cook..i wish I had been a better mother...still mothering but learned from my mistakes...I'm great at interacting with people. I just prefer not too....rlol...well I do....its just takes time to trust and I dont have the merry-go-round thats needed....I cry alot....its good food for the soul....I sleep better..feel good the next day...gets all those toxins out...

loved your list woman


magran42 said...

I bet you interact fine with those that don't want more than you are willing to give.  Respect for privacy is sometimes lost by self centered people.  Like me you did the best you knew with your children and they love you.  That just has to be good enough.

randlprysock said...

Great answers!!!!  I want to be debt free too.  We are both loners.  I need to be a better mommy now.  I hate politics too!!  Hugs,