Saturday, June 23, 2007

"No-show Iris"

If you've read my journal long, you know I'm a big fan of Iris Dement; and perhaps you'll remember the fiasco last fall:  You know, the one where I begged Cliff to take me to Iowa City, Iowa, to see Iris perform live.  And the performance was canceled at the last minute.  I wasn't so much angry that she canceled, because I understand that anyone can get sick at any time.  The disappointing part was that she didn't cancel until an hour before showtime. 

So, after wasting all that time and money on a trip to Iowa, Cliff wouldn't take me to see Iris today if she was performing at her own house in Kansas City (only 40 miles away).

Now I see she is canceling performances again.  Remember when George Jones did this and was given the nickname, "No-show Jones"?

However, I've known performers to go through mid-life crises and mental challenges that caused cancellations.  So, honestly, I'm just wishing the best for Iris, whatever her problem might be.

And hoping someday I can see her perform live.  I won't dare hope that I might see her with John Prine just once. 

At least I have the DVD, "Sessions at West 54th Street". 


ktkamanski said...

Hope your dream comes true! Have a happy day!

robinngabster said...

That's a bummer. Maybe she will read this and come perform in your yard for you!   Wouldn't that be something.  lol

randlprysock said...

So sorry she keeps cancelling.... that would really be frustrating to fans!!!!  Hope you get to hear her live performance sometime.  Hugs,

rooster1614 said...

AN HOUR BEFORE SHOW TIME.....THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!!  That would have made me very angry

luvmort said...

Dahling, I am in showbusiness and let me tell you, the show MUST go on!  If not, that's the sign of someone who thinks they are bigger than the audience that PAYS them to perform.  

jevanslink said...

Cancelling an hour before showtime sounds like her peeps couldn't get her clean and sober enough to roll her out on stage. Too bad.

Mrs. L

zosche973 said...

A TRUE performer goes on with the show! ALWAYS! Boo to Iris! By the way, loved your video with Blue! wish we could hear YOU sing a bit more! I was enjoying it,
then it stoped! Thanx Mosie. ~Diane~