Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Photo Shoot: In Flight

John Scalzi says:
"We've got some fine, summery skies here these last few days, which inspired this week's Photo Shoot:

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Capture something in flight. Birds, insects, planes, bats, whatever -- if it's getting around in the skies, it's fair game for this photo shoot".

The other day we pulled up in the driveway and, lo and behold, right above our hay field, there was a blimp advertising Outback!  Not exactly what you expect to see out in the boonies.  That flies, right? 

If you're going to join in on the Monday Photo Shoot, be sure and leave the link to your entry over at John's Blog.


fierrorachel said...

Well, it WAS "outback" of your property, right?

madcobug said...

Vey good. Helen

shelt28 said...

Cool Picture!


fowfies said...

Now that is unusual!

oddb0dkins said...

Good timing, they must have heard about John's photo shoot and flown over your house just for the occasion. B.