Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No-show Iris, revisited

After awhile, you learn to pay attention to people who know the score.  In a recent entry about how Iris Dement was canceling her concerts at the last minute, I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Then I got comments from a couple of worldly-wise people who, I'm sure, know whereof they speak. 

First this, from Mort:  "Dahling, I am in show business and let me tell you, the show MUST go on!  If not, that's the sign of someone who thinks they are bigger than the audience that PAYS them to perform."

Then this from Mrs. Linklater:  "Cancelling an hour before showtime sounds like her peeps couldn't get her clean and sober enough to roll her out on stage. Too bad.
Mrs. L"

Added to this, I have the concert she gave in January as broadcast by folk Alley:  Click HERE, if you don't mind hearing Iris... especially when she's loaded.

Mort, Mrs. Linklater... you are wise people.


ktkamanski said...

Sorry to hear of the disappointment! Some just gotta do what they gotta do ~ why does it have to be at others expense though! Hope you enjoy your tomorrow!

ksquester said...

You got a comment from Mrs. L????  Now THAT is BIG!   anne

csandhollow said...

Yep they would know.

luvmort said...

I have my moments!

mutualaide said...

I think I would have loved to hear Iris .... maybe, but now the volume on the PC speakers is out of whack.  I'll tell ya', if it wasn't for technology.

Yep, Stars Behaving Badly.