Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stupid old baler

Cliff usually puts up the grass hay in big round bales.  Today, though, he figured he'd do small square bales, just in case hay's in demand next winter.  Our big round baler doesn't make bales worthy of selling, although they're fine for our purposes.

The old 14-T square baler is totally used up, but Cliff can usually baby it along and get it to work after a couple of false starts.

Not today.

Cliff baled (when the baler would work), I drove Arick's truck pulling the wagon, and grandson Arick put the hay on the wagon.  We made quite a trio, if only things had been working.

I did take pictures as I drove, since it's a landmark event that doesn't often happen.  Only when it's a necessity, in fact.  I'll post them another time.  Right now I'd better see if I'm needed in the hay-field.

More of today's haying pictures HERE.

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madcobug said...

Looks like a lot of the work went to waste. Poor Cliff. I bet he gets that thing fixed though. Helen

rooster1614 said...

Sorry that you guys had such a bummer of a day.  I bet Cliff gets it figured out too.  The scenery of the green grass & blue skies were beautiful though.  Hoping for better days ahead.

magran42 said...

This sure looks like some of our chores.  Sometimes it's just a pain in the neck to get anything done!.

ktkamanski said...

What a neat site you linked us to! Sorry things didn't go as planned, maybe next time! Hope you have a wonderful tomorrow! Take care,

tendernoggle said...

Hi Donna,
You know that hay is a beautiful sight...Down here in Georgia there is almost none to be found...It is looking really bad here.
love ya,

jayveerhapsody said...

Being a city-slicker in a faux-country disguise, I never knew exactly how the hay was put into bales. The pictures are very interesting. And, of course, I love seeing the lush green farmlands of Missouri!       Jon

lorinokla said...

we picked up a load of hay off the field a few days ago in between the rain. Our 1st cutting looks great!

did I mention I hate being the one doing what your grandson did? picking them up and throwing them onto the trailer-my back aches just thinking about it.

luvmort said...


csandhollow said...

Beautiful hay. They are baling swamp grass and small trees here. Sad.

lanurseprn said...

I always learn from you Mosie! I never knew how hay was baled...or that it was done in different shapes until I started reading your journal.  Beautiful scenery you've got out there.