Monday, September 1, 2008

Meet me in St. Louis!

Cliff and I headed out Saturday morning on the motorcycle.  We met his sister and her husband in Columbia, Missouri, and then we all rode together to their home in St. Louis.  We didn't go straight there, though.  We rode around through Missouri's wine country on winding, hilly roads.  We rode all day Sunday, and then Pat and Charlene accompanied us halfway back home today.  I'll share some pictures through the upcoming week.

In a three-day period, we've ridden around 800 miles.  Now that isn't much in a car, but trust me... for a couple of old fogies, it's doing pretty good on a motorcycle.

Cliff had been having problems with butt discomfort lately, any time we rode more than three hours.  We researched the problem on the Internet, and ordered a little item that totally fixed the problem.

Beads!  Wooden beads.

See?  On his seat.

They saved the day on this trip.


ksquester said...

Gosh ya'll have so much  fun.  Good for you.  I have heard a knocking noise for the last 4 days while on the computer and I looked out to discover 2 blue jays and a woodpecker, all pecking away.  Wish I had a hummingbird.   Anne

gen0507 said...

Sounds like y'all had a wonderful weekend!


ora4uk said...

WOW!!!!  you said it right....for you guys...800 miles is a long trip....glad you had good company....and a good time....I think personally it is what you both needed to get away for a both have been putting in the hours getting your new plot all set up....and we had those wooded beads some years ago in our car...they wore out...came apart...don't know why we didn't replace them??  God Bless...hugs...Ora

exptmircle said...

800 miles on a motorcycle sounds really fun.  Hard on the body but fun.  I don't think I have ever rode a motorcycle more than 40 minutes at one time, but then we had dirt bikes and small kids when motorcycling was part of my life.  Can't wait for my little mini vacation your slide show.

randlprysock said...

The beads look beautiful and am so glad they are working!!  Wow sounds like a lot of fun to do all that riding!!  I am way behind on journal alerts due to all that has been going on but it is so nice to stop by and see how everyone is doing and wish you a happy labor day weekend.

fowfies said...

Havent seen the likes of those in a long time. I remember when folks used to always have those on their car seats. Guess there was a reason for it, they really work! Kelly