Monday, September 22, 2008

fact or fiction?

I received an interesting email yesterday, one of those that sent me running to, because it sounded like something made up by someone.  And it probably is, but right now there's no way of knowing. 

I'm sure some of you have received it also:  It states that on or about October 5, Joe Biden is going to step down from the Democratic ticket citing health reasons, and will be replaced by Hillary.  To read the thing in its entirety, click HERE.

It will be interesting to follow this one, since Snopes gives its authenticity an "undetermined" rating.  To me, this means it might possibly be true.

This has already been one of the most interesting and unique election years ever, and that would really shake up the mix!

What do you think?  Will it happen?


marainey1 said...

I would have voted for Hilary if she'd been the Presidential candidate...I really would like to see it happen.  'On Ya' - ma

m4mar said...

I not sure anything is going to change as far as party tickets short of someone passing away. And I certainly would not want that. So we have what we have and let's hope that people will read and be more informed as to make an educated vote.
I like your zest for life snd your quiet sense of humor. My blog is E.G.O. Hope you check it out and enjoy. Take Care.

loisontheweb said...

    ACTUALLY ... something Biden said ... that he'd thought Hillary would maybe have been a better choice than he ... caused me to wonder if he MIGHT step down.  This would be a strategy move; perhaps the Dems think that this might be the best way to defuse the Palin surge?

ora4uk said...

I also received the email with this info...and personally I hope it is true...cannot abide that Biden!!! LOL....and as for being true....we will have to wait with the rest of the world to find out...but you can be assured I will be listening for the will probably interrupt one of my favorite shows...always does....a news alert comes on...and bam...there goes my show....sheesh....LOL...but life goes on...right?? LOLOL...hugs from KY...Ora

mutualaide said...

Some of us will hope it will happen, but if you polled me ... ha ha ... I'd say "no, not gonna happen."

pinkroseal said...

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  Have loved watching your new place come together! Now let us
see the sidewalks. PLEASEEEEEEEEE, PINK in MInnesota

tendernoggle said...

love ya,

suzypwr said...

I think that just means snopes can't verify it one way or the other for sure. I guess we have to wait until October 5 to see. I thought Hillary was not willing to be VP?