Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's been a decent day

Cliff and I rode the motorcycle this morning.  Oh, not very far... just to Higginsville, where we window-shopped at Kleinschmidts, bought some essentials at Orschelns's (where it's peanut days and you can stroll around the store shelling peanuts and dropping the shells on the floor), and ate at our favorite Pizza Hut.

Of course, any motorcycle trip with Cliff that takes you through a farming town involves cruising the back lot of every tractor dealer to see what sort of used tractors they've taken as trade-in.  Cliff will ask questions like, "Is that Oliver a diesel?"

Sheesh, how would I know?  I'm just glad I can tell an Oliver from a John Deere.

Granddaughter Natalie spent the afternoon here and had a ride on Blue; she's so out of practice, though, that he kept trying to take over.  Not a good thing.  I imagine part of the problem is that nobody rides him except me, so he's become somewhat a one-person horse.

I called my sister this evening to make sure her scheduled surgery is still a "go".  I'd appreciate prayers on her behalf:  she's eighty years old, and has never had any type of surgery.  In fact, she doesn't even take blood pressure meds, or any other  prescription drugs.  She has some polyps that were too difficult to remove during her last colonscopy, so they're doing the surgery to get those.  The doctor assured her that they aren't suggesting, or even thinking, that she might have cancer; they just want to get this problem area fixed so nothing becomes cancer.  Next Tuesday is the day.

But I'm sure Maxine is nervous, because I certainly would be.  I have one sister, and she is very special to me, and to everyone who knows her.

So pray for her peace of mind, and for her continued health.


frankandmary said...

I'll send my best vibes & thoughts to your sister.

A day of motorcycles, peanuts & pizza can't be that bad. ~Mary

countrylady4071 said...

I will keep your sister in my prayers, that the results from her surgery will turn out just fine.  It's always scary when someone is having surgery.  Try not to worry.  Have a great evening.

madcobug said...

Sounds like a fun day. Prayers going up for your sister. Helen

marainey1 said...

I will pray for Maxine.  May the dear Lord bless her with a successful surgery and guide the doctors caring for her and may she have a speedy recovery. 'OnYa'-ma

lonamay said...

Your sister will surely be in my prayers.. I am sorry she has to have it,, but glad they feel it is a preventive measure... Lona

bookncoffee said...

"Dear Father please be with Maxine (and Donna) before, during, and after the surgery and relieve all anxieties.  Please help Maxine to come through feeling fine.  We know you are the great physician Father and have the power to heal. In His Name, AMEN."

ora4uk said...

will surely keep Maxine and you in my prayers...God Bless...hugs...Ora

fowfies said...

The weather is really starting to turn off nice isnt it? Really enjoyable to get outside. Maxine sounds like she has really taken care of herself, and I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers that everything goes smoothly for her. :) Hugs, Kelly

mutualaide said...

I'll keep Maxine in my thoughts and prayers.  

suzypwr said...

I am guessing that I don't need to read ahead (can I get much farther behind?) to know that Maxine did just fine :-)