Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AOL journals is closing it's doors

Yep, read the banner ad at the top of this page.  October 31 AOL journals will close.  At least I have my Blogger site

If anyone knows how I can somehow save what I've written on this blog to my computer, please let me know.  I hope it isn't too complicated.


mutualaide said...

I'm at work D so I can't send you the link, but I do have an old link from ages and ages ago that another blogger provided.  I'll send it along to you later tonight.

exptmircle said...

Whoa........this freaks me out a little.  I have used aol for over 10 years to host all my pictures for eBay etc.  I don't know how I am going to resolve this yet either.  I will be keeping one eye here and the other one will be doing research to see what we can do to make this an easy transition. Glad I have my blogger journal too.  

ora4uk said...

I went to top of journal....very top...where it says aol is shutting down....then you can click on how to download your files and save....I haven't tried it yet...but will next week...after I get back from PA....maybe by then everyone will be changed and I will get the help I will surely need...LOL...God Bless...hugs...Ora

lanurseprn said...

I remember you predicted this a long time ago.  

geminiwilder said...

Hi, my Mom sent me your link - she's Judy, rollinghillsides - I think you know of her.

If you could, please, share the info you may get about how to save our journal entries on our computers!??!  I just read their OFFICIAL e-mail and they are offering to move our entire contents to a server of their choice...

can you imagine?  :poof:  OOPSIE, all gone!!!  I have a blogspot blog, too, and would like to move it all, but how...? What a pain!!!  I wonder, if we copy/paste, would all the photos/graphics move over, too?  Doubtful :(

I am going to open a gmail e-mail, too, I think. How do you like it??

Take Care -