Thursday, August 14, 2008

Todays progress

Yeah, it's a real ROOM now.  With a ROOF!  Next thing you know it'll have shingles and a door and window. 

That was formerly our back door; now it'll be the door leading onto our porch.

That's our new back door, what there is of it.

I had not intended to make such a big room; I simply wanted a place for our freezer, and some shelves where I could store big stuff like my pressure canner and my roaster-oven.  Oh, and a place to hang our many coats and coveralls.  Cliff insisted on making it 8 X 10, and it seems huge to me.  But I'll bet I can find a use for every square foot.

In other news, at this time next week, Lord willing, Rena's divorce will be over and she and I will be heading home from Wisconsin.  She has had her plate full since she moved here with her GED school (she took her test Wednesday, but won't know how she did for about a month) and the divorce hanging over her head.  It's the not knowing that bothers a person, and she says she'll just be glad to have it over. 

I have a rather simple prayer request for those of you who pray:  Rena says she doesn't want to break down crying in court, in front of her soon-to-be ex and his girl friend.  Once it's over, she said, she doesn't care how many tears she sheds.  So, those of you who pray, if you'd just join me in asking God to hold back her tears until it's done, we'll appreciate it. 

This will be as closeup and personal as I've ever been with divorce, and I hope it's the last time.  Who knows, I might get a journal entry or two out of it.


madcobug said...

That man got a lot done today. I will send up a prayer that Rena will hold up in court. Bless her heart. I know it has been hard on her studying for her GED with the divorce hanging over her head. Helen

redpoppy007 said...

I like the room.  Be glad it is big..I am sure it will be nice to have a place to keep some of your dry goods or like a mini pantry.
I feel bad for your sil, Divorce is a painful thing.  I hope they settle quick and she can get on in her life..looking at my friends who went thru the same thing they are much better off without the exhusband and found someone better.

ryanagi said...

Ooooh! That isn't the kind of back porch I was picturing. I imagined a big screened in/windowed kind of a sun room.  This sounds much more useful.

gen0507 said...

Bot everything is coming right along.  You'll love all that extra room.  I'll keep Rena in my prayers.  Bless her heart!  You're a great sisiter-in-law!!!


skisseberth said...

Mo, prayers going up for Rena. We know God hears and is answering.
We have also asked Him to send His angels to stand beside Rena through all this.
Thank You Lord ! Amen

amiragabrielle said...


Your shed and deck are coming along quickly. I am so happy for you and Cliff. I'll keep you and Rena in my daily prayers. I'll pray for a safe trip home too. God bless you all.

In Christ,

domsmom27 said...

When  I turn in tonite I am going to say "God, You know that Nice Mosie on "MY Country Life?" well her dear SIL needs your help that she stays strong. I just hope that he reads Journals.  I like your back porch.    Marlene

jctopaz55 said...

That porch is really nice and Cliff are going to love it . It is really taking shape now . Love the pictures !! That guy is very good. I sure will keep Rena in my prayers and I pray for a safe trip for you both. Take care .


msecz said...

what a wonderful back porch you have..... perfect size .... I will pray for your sister in law

suzypwr said...

You will find uses for that room - eventually you will wish it were bigger! Good luck to Rena. She will be fine - she will be too scared and angry to cry until after!

magran42 said...


countrylady4071 said...

I will say a prayer for Rena.  You will find plenty of things to store in your new room.  I can't wait to see the end results.  I'm so happy for you and Cliff.

fowfies said...

I bet that room will be just fine at that size. Always rather have too much room than not enough. I will pray that Rena is strong and dones not break down in court. Hugs, Kelly

mutualaide said...

You are going to love that extra space.

Hang in Rena ... I'll be thinking of you.  

marainey1 said...

I love your BIG room and know you won't have any trouble filling it up.  Rena and you will be in my prayers .  May the good Lord bless you both with a safe journey and may Rena find the strength needed.  'On Ya' - ma

bookncoffee said...

Tell Rena, I'm praying and that if I can speak at my Dad's funeral she can do this!  I had to syke myself up for it and she can too.  Then the flood gates come afterward (tears).  Maybe plan a special something to keep her occupied that day and let her know she's loved and appreciated.  She'll need to know that someone cares.  The divorce day can be bad if you let it get to you.  I've been thru it.  

ksquester said...

Oh Lordy, I have been through both kids divorces' and they are hell. I will certainly keep Rena in my prayers. The only tears should be that of JOY.......when it is all over.  God bless her and watch over her.  I am so glad you are going to be with her. You are a jewel.  BTW............that back porch is going to be beautiful.  Anne

helmswondermom said...

I wish I'd read this sooner.  I hope that Rena did fine and held up well at court.  You guys have a safe journey home.

I'll bet that 8 x 10 isn't going to seem so big once you start moving things in there.